What to Expect From All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Cast, Plot and Much More?

The South Korean Netflix series All of Us Are Dead gained widespread acclaim following its debut, with the first episode of Season 1 premiering on January 28, 2022. This unique show presents a fresh interpretation of the zombie apocalypse, blending elements of thriller, and horror. Upon its release, All of Us Are Dead quickly became a global sensation, captivating audiences with its innovative approach to the undead subgenre and compelling characters.

As fans eagerly await Season 2, the series promises to continue its enthralling narrative of survival, friendship, and the looming threat of the Walking Dead. While the release date for the upcoming season remains unconfirmed, let’s explore what we currently know and what viewers can anticipate from this gripping television show.

What Is The Possible All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date?


As of October 2023, a release schedule for All of Us Are Dead Season 2 has not been announced. South Korean content, unlike many Hollywood productions, remains unaffected by ongoing writers’ and actors guild strikes.

Park Ji-hu, the star of the show, mentioned in a March 2023 interview with Teen Vogue that filming for Season 2 has not yet commenced. Speculations indicate that new episodes may be expected in 2024.

According to reports from What’s On Netflix, rumors are circulating online that filming for All of Us Are Dead Season 2 will likely begin in the first half of 2024. You can stream season one on Netflix and your Netflix guide is here.

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Who Will Feature In All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Star Cast?

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

Park Jihu, who portrays Nam Onjo, is the star of the program and one of its most impressive actors. Apart from him, Yoon Chanyoung has performed the role of her companion Lee Cheongsan. Cho Yihyun is also Choi Namra.

Yoo Other actors include Lee Kyuhyung, who portrays police station detective Song Jaeik, and Jeon Baesoo, who plays the father of Nam Soju and Nam Onjo.


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What To Expect From All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

After the first segment, the majority of viewers were pleased, but they also had questions because it was both sad and thrilling. In the final episode, the main survivors fought a large group of zombies near their town, and one of them tragically died, causing everyone to feel sad.


Additionally, another significant character, Nam-ra, was in a difficult circumstance. She contracted a virus that made her resemble an undead. She was concerned that she would develop a craving for human flesh, so she decided to abandon her companions to protect them.

After that, the survivors got caught by the military and the conclusion was very hard for the survivors. Some sources claim that conditions have improved in their city, but the virus remains a major concern. The most thrilling moment, however, occurs when On-jo and another character named Su-hook witness a fire at their former school.

Lee Jae-Kyoo, the director stated-

“Many directions, settings, and scenes were intentionally produced to expand the story into an additional season, including the introduction of the new races of zombies – immune and immortal.”

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Where Can You Watch All of Us Are Dead Season?

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

The highly anticipated second season of All of Us Are Dead is set to be released on the popular streaming platform Netflix, where the first season is currently available for streaming. With the upcoming season, Netflix will continue to provide viewers with access to the suspenseful narrative of the series.

For those who can’t get enough of the show, there are additional ways to explore extra content on Netflix using specialized codes. Is There Any Trailer for All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

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As fans eagerly await the release of the second season, they can indulge in the first season’s gripping storyline and compelling characters, all conveniently accessible on the Netflix platform. All in all, the future release of All of Us Are Dead Season 2 promises to deliver another compelling and suspenseful viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

We trust that you are now finally equipped for the season premiere. Grab your favorite snacks, settle in, and enjoy. For more captivating content follow.

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  2. I preferred Duty After School than All of Us R Dead. I was impressed with the script of the DAS but hated the ending. However, the OE of AOURD made the viewers like me in cliffhanger. But , I am also excited for the 2nd Season of AOURD.

    • I like both storylines but I was so sad and frustrated at the end of duty after school like you said. None of those kids deserved to die after everything they went through and how long they’ve survived together only to get killed by one of them that was kinda insecure and obsessed

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