Is Abbie Chatfield Gay? A Closer Look at His Personal Life!

is abbie chatfield gay

Abbie Chatfield, a familiar face to those who have followed the Australian reality TV shows “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” has captured the attention of fans and media alike. Her charismatic personality, unapologetic nature, and openness about her life have made her a subject of curiosity. In recent times, discussions have arisen regarding her sexual orientation, particularly whether Abbie Chatfield is gay. In this article, we will explore this topic, shed light on the complexities of human sexuality, and emphasize the importance of respecting personal privacy.

Is Abbie Chatfield Gay?

is abbie chatfield gay

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No, Abbie Chatfield is not gay. She is bisexual. Chatfield came out as bisexual after competing on Bachelor in Paradise in 2020 but revealed in an Instagram story that her identity continues to evolve.

Chatfield declared the following on Thursday (15 April): “I am no longer ‘bisexual;’ I identify as ‘queer.'” “Over the weekend, while spending time with [podcaster] Rowdie Walden, I had a revelation; therefore, I am sharing it with you all.”

She further stated, “I suppose it doesn’t have much of a tangible significance.”

“You may refer to me as bisexual if you wish, but I’m simply updating you on my sexual orientation; I adore you.” In July 2020, the Australian reality star first disclosed her sexual orientation.

Who Is Abbie Chatfield’s Partner?

is abbie chatfield gay

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Abbie was in an open relationship with fellow Bachelor alum Konrad Bien-Stephen until August 2022. But now, there are widespread rumors of a breakup.

Two sources who spoke to The Daily Mail claim that Chatfield and Bien-Stephen have ended their relationship, with the latter, if reports are to be believed, having already moved on with another ex-Bachelor star.
According to the unnamed source, Bien-Stephen and Megan Marx dated during the filming of the reality television program The Challenge.

“What on earth! Indecent drama ensues. “Megan [Marx] is sleeping with Konrad,” a source informed the publication.

“Konrad said he was single and his relationship with Abbie was over because she broke up with him.”

An additional source asserted that he and Marx had an affair during the initial evening of production: “He had an affair with Megan on the first night of production.” “I had no idea what was occurring,” they declared.

“As soon as we began filming, he was all over her, which was an awkward situation.” It appeared as though he was attempting to incite Brooke [Blurton]’s envy by being present as well.

Bien-Stephen and Marx have not commented, but Chatfield addressed the rumors on Instagram after the news broke.

“Hey! I’ve perused the Konrad-related articles. “As he is currently abroad, I will refrain from making any remarks until he returns,” she initiated.

“Can everyone not be so dramatic pls and relax hahahahaha.”

The woman concluded, “Both of us are totally okay, and can the paparazzi get their daily pic of me picking up dog poo then let me get a coffee in peace also.”

Chatfield and Bien-Stephen made their relationship public in November 2021, concurrently with Bien-Stephen’s appearance on The Bachelorette season hosted by Brooke Blurton.

A mutual friend introduced them to Byron Bay, where they subsequently met. Bien-Stephen remarked to Marie-Claire Australia at the time, “It was completely coincidental.”

“An acquaintance and I were having lunch in Byron; I intended to treat her to cocktails in recognition of her assistance in securing housing there.

“We literally hit it off immediately.” “She is simply an incredible young lady.”

Early in 2022, the couple announced their decision to maintain an open relationship, with Chatfield stating on her podcast, “Mummy and daddy are not divorcing; rather, we are implementing a new framework for our relationship.” We are thus accessible. We adore our frank relationship together.”

Chatfield candidly disclosed that her recent libido had been lower than Konrad’s, resulting in reduced frequency of sexual activity compared to previous periods.

“It’s not Konrad; having sex is like an absolute no-f**k for me.” Additionally, I am thinking, “I cannot be bothered with this UTI issue.” “I have no time to deal with a urinary tract infection [UTI],” she stated on her podcast.

Bien-Stephen expressed relish to “explore and navigate” an open relationship despite the fact that he had never been in one before.

“Someone we met on the weekend actually gave us some good tips, some pointers,” he elaborated.

“[They advised] consulting a sex therapist and discussing your personal boundaries.” Because, well, you shouldn’t exactly go to bed with anyone. “Because I believe there is so much more to a relationship than just sex,” I am eager to learn and navigate this territory.

Chatfield and Bien-Stephen both admitted to having extramarital affairs during their open relationships.

Chatfield verified the news on her podcast in June, asking, “What else has transpired? It’s great that I have finally rooted an individual. “Indeed so, she remarked.

“In other words, it was pleasant. That is everything I intend to say. “Otherwise, I will not provide any further information at this time due to my state of panic.”

Chatfield and Bien-Stephen have refrained from discussing their relationship on social media or in other publications in recent weeks. Despite this, it appears that the erstwhile Bachelor star is thriving.

In August, she disclosed that she had transformed her blonde hair into a more authentic powdery brunette hue: “Upside down!!!” A few months ago, my hair was barely holding on due to frequent bleaching and daily heat styling; therefore, @danewakefieldhair at @tomhairstudios restored it to its natural color (albeit with an enhanced sheen). She wrote alongside the new photo, “We adore you.”

Chatfield, who recently underwent a makeover and assumed the role of a juror on The Masked Singer, appears to be emulating Cassie Howard’s approach in Euphoria. Never before has she been happier, Konrad or no Konrad.


Abbie Chatfield, the Australian reality TV star, has garnered attention for her candidness, open relationship, and evolving sexual identity. While she came out as bisexual in 2020, she recently identified as “queer.” Her relationship with Konrad Bien-Stephen faced rumors of a breakup, with Bien-Stephen allegedly seeing another Bachelor alum, Megan Marx. Despite the drama, Abbie seems to be thriving, embracing her authentic self.