Is Nick Rhodes Gay? The Mystery of His Sexual Identity!

Nick Rhodes, the charismatic keyboardist and co-founder of the iconic British band Duran Duran, has long been a figure of intrigue in the world of pop culture. Known for his androgynous style, distinctive fashion sense, and pivotal role in shaping the ’80s music scene, Rhodes has attracted attention from fans and the media alike. One question that has often surfaced is whether or not Nick Rhodes is gay.

In this article, we will explore the history of this question, Rhodes’ own statements on his sexuality, and the broader significance of such inquiries in today’s evolving entertainment landscape.

Is Nick Rhodes Gay?

is nick rhodes gay

No, Ross Lynch is not gay. In contrast, the aforementioned Disney star from “Austin & Ally” transforms into a youthful homosexual serial murderer in the film “The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” Thirty tweets from gay boys were received unexpectedly by him during his appearance on a talk program.

Jaz Sinclair, his co-star on the television series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” is in a romantic relationship with Lynch. They were initially merely acquaintances, but as time passed, their attraction to one another grew.

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Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair’s Relationship Explained


is nick rhodes gay

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Ross and Jaz have been documenting their relationship on the Internet for close to five years, demonstrating that they have a couple of objectives. Reportedly, they first encountered in March 2018 during production on the set of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Ross was cast in the role of Harvey Kinkle at the time, whereas Jaz portrayed Rosalind Walker.

The couple had generated dating allegations by December of that year, but it appeared that they did not formally declare their relationship status until 2019. At the time, Us Weekly was informed by sources that they were observed “sitting together on a couch with his arms around her waist.”

“They were looking into each other’s eyes … noses touching and giggling,” according to the informant. Subsequent to that, the celebrities documented their global travels on social media. Additionally, they have shared tributes on social media, which demonstrated their deep affection for each other.

Jaz wrote on Ross’ 25th birthday in 2020, in an Instagram post, “I never knew that love was a thing that chose you until you entered my life.”

“You are my favorite individual and best companion. When you are near, my heart is the fullest, my laugh is the loudest, and my smile is the brightest. You make me feel so darn loved, heard, and seen, and it’s an absolute joy to have so much damn fun with you each day.

“You are such a bright spark in this world and I love getting to learn from you and shine with you,” she stated further.

“Words are never enough, so I’ll just have to smother you in kisses when you get back from hockey.” Ross shares comparable odes, accompanied by captions such as “She illuminates my life with joy” and “Appreciating her brilliance with focus.”


The speculation surrounding Nick Rhodes’ sexuality has been a recurring theme, but it’s important to emphasize that he is not gay. While such questions can often arise in the entertainment industry, they highlight the need to respect an individual’s privacy. Rhodes’ androgynous style and influential role in ’80s music history are more significant than his sexual orientation, serving as a reminder of the evolving landscape of acceptance and recognition in the entertainment world.