Is Pretty Deadly Gay? Unveiling the Romantic Secrets!

The close affinity between Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, who comprise the professional wrestling tag team Pretty Deadly, has generated conjecture regarding their sexual orientation. Fans are curious to know if they are more than simply buddies, which has sparked allegations regarding their possible homosexuality.

This article will look at the sexual orientation of Pretty Deadly’s members.

Pretty Deadly is a British professional wrestling tag team presently signed to WWE, consisting of Elton Prince (born 21 May 1997) and Kit Wilson (born 4 August 1994).

They have had considerable success on the SmackDown brand, holding the NXT Tag Team Championship and the NXT UK Tag Team Championship on many occasions.

Given their deep bond and friendship, many fans have worried about Pretty Deadly’s sexual orientation. The talk about their possible homosexuality has attracted the interest of their fans.

Is Pretty Deadly Gay?

is pretty deadly gay

No, Pretty Deadly is not gay; the cast members are all heterosexual. The answer to the question of whether Pretty Deadly is gay is personal and open to interpretation. However, it’s vital to remember how the wrestling industry has historically treated homosexuality.

While there have been a few homosexual wrestlers, they have often experienced difficulties and may not have received equal treatment from organizations such as WWE, which predominantly caters to a young, heterosexual male audience.

The suspicion about Elton Prince and Kit Wilson’s sexuality originates from the belief that they are more than just teammates and close friends. However, it is critical to distinguish between fiction and reality. Both wrestlers are currently in heterosexual partnerships, putting an end to any speculation regarding their homosexuality.

Elton Prince had been dating Kelly Kincaid, a WWE backstage interviewer, since 2022. Kit Wilson, on the other hand, was dating Stevie Turner, a professional wrestler. Their (Pretty Deadly) dating history also shows that they have solely been romantically linked with women.

As a result, it is safe to assume that Pretty Deadly is made up of straight people, and the accusations regarding their homosexuality are untrue.

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Who Is Currently Dating Pretty Deadly?

is pretty deadly gay

At this time, Pretty Deadly, the tag team champions of NXT, are not involved in any public relationships outside of their professional spheres. While Elton Prince, half of Pretty Deadly, was recently featured in a social media post alongside NXT Level Up announcer Kelly Kincaid, the context of the post suggests a love relationship between them.

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However, it would be speculative to conclude that they are dating without further confirmation or public remarks from the parties concerned.

A recent episode of NXT featured an unexpected challenge to the tag team titles held by Pretty Deadly, which came from the underdog team consisting of Edris Enofe and Malik Blade.

In a triple-threat tag team match, Enofe and Blade defeated former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brook Jensen, as well as the Joe Gacy-led Dyad. Enofe and Blade won after Cameron Grimes intervened during the match to counter Joe Gacy’s meddling.


The rumors about Pretty Deadly’s sexual orientation are unfounded. The speculation around their possible homosexuality has arisen due to their deep bond and friendship. However, both Elton Prince and Kit Wilson are in heterosexual relationships. While these assumptions about their sexual orientation may have caught the interest of their fans, it’s essential to distinguish between fiction and reality.

Wrestling has had a complicated history with LGBTQ+ representation, and wrestlers have faced challenges in the industry. Therefore, it’s crucial to respect their privacy and acknowledge that their sexual orientation is a personal matter.