Is Tristan Phipps Dating Someone After Break-Up with Olivia Bentley?

Tristan Phipps is a well-known British reality TV star who got his start on the show Made in Chelsea. He is twenty-four years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, as well. His images serve as sufficient proof to inform you of his great height. Unfortunately, the exact height of this man has not been established.

Even his Instagram bio makes mention of this piece, demonstrating his appreciation for it. But that’s okay because this article has the most important information about him, so it’s all right. Verity Bowditch, his better half, and he is currently dating. No investigation has been done into his entire assets beginning in 2020.

The Made in Chelsea actress has acted as a Southern African Travel Specialist on-call. He has a soft spot for animals. With the help of this insightful article, learn the enigma surrounding his love life and learn who he is dating right now or who Tristan Phipps’ girlfriend is.

Tristan Phipps: Who is He Dating?

Who Is Tristan Phipps Dating?

The ongoing 25th series of Made in Chelsea, which centers on the life of the SW3 gang, has a devoted following. But there appears to be some turmoil involving two well-liked cast members behind the scenes. Olivia Bentley and Tristan Phipps had a troubled history together.

Despite this, many thought they would live happily ever after when they reconciled and moved in together. However, Tristan made some comments indicating a possible breakup, and today Olivia officially announced the terrible news.

Olivia Bentley told her followers on her Instagram Story: “Just to clarify and address all the comments and messages, Tristan and I are not currently dating Now. I wish him the best, and we came to an amicable conclusion. Due to various hints left by Tristan, fans already suspected a split before Olivia’s declaration.

Who Is Tristan Phipps Dating?

Tristan stated in an Instagram video that he is currently “in-between houses,” which fuelled rumors that he and Liv were no longer together. Despite the fact that they haven’t shared anything on social media as a couple since February, the couple still keeps in touch online and continues to follow one another.

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Trissten phipps Dating History

In his dating life, Tristan Phipps has had a number of significant connections with Chelsea-related people. Here is a timeline of his relationships with women:

Emma Wills: Tristan was initially introduced on the program as Emma Wills’ ex-boyfriend, who briefly dated her in series 13. Emma’s romance with Julius was likewise well-known.

Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo: Sam Thompson, a different cast member, earned Sophie Habboo’s affection, preventing Tristan from pursuing a romantic engagement with her. Sophie finally broke up with Sam, though, and is currently seeing Jamie Laing.

Who Is Tristan Phipps Dating?

Laura Crane: In 2018, Tristan dated Laura Crane, a celebrity from her time on Love Island, breaking away from the Chelsea dating scene. Following a trip to Bali, they decided to end their nine-month-long relationship.

Verity Bowditch: Verity Bowditch, who had some troubled feelings for James Taylor, became Tristan’s next love interest. They were together for nearly seven months before calling it quits during the first lockdown.

Who Is Tristan Phipps Dating?

Liv Bentley: Unexpectedly, Verity’s old friend Liv Bentley, a brunette cast member, and Tristan made their relationship public on Instagram. For two series, they seemed to be doing well, but earlier this year, they split up. After that, Liv and Digby Edgley resumed their relationship, while Tristan became single and eager to meet new people.

Nicole Berry: Tristan has been romantically linked to Chelsea rookie Nicole Berry throughout series 22, immediately after his breakup with Liv. Viewers may anticipate turmoil even though they haven’t made their romance public on Instagram.

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Tristan Phipps Instagram

Tristan is a frequent user of social media, especially Instagram, where he posts glimpses into his exciting and opulent way of life. He defines himself as a lover of the outdoors, an adventurer, and a fitness fanatic, and his social media posts accurately capture these interests.

Tristan posts pictures of his outdoor exploits on Instagram, including journeys to exotic places like Tanzania, Mexico, and Bali. He also discusses his fitness progress, providing updates and snippets of his gym sessions. Tristan is a fashion aficionado who frequently publishes pictures of his favorite clothes on social media.