Who Is Olivia Holt Dating? Explore Her Love Life and Romantic History!

Who Is Olivia Holt Dating

Olivia Holt has been entertaining us since she was on the Disney Channel. She is a wonderful and skilled actress. Holt, who began as a theater performer, was introduced to acting through TV advertisements when, at the age of 10, she began appearing in them for well-known companies like Hasbro and Mattel.

The actress didn’t look back after that and went on to become a household figure in the Disney industry, playing the roles of Lindy Watson in the 2014 television series “I Didn’t Do It” and Skylar Lewis in the 2012 film “Girl vs. Monster.” Directors and producers took notice of this young, gifted actress right away.

Holt is a talented actress who is also a skilled vocalist who has put out a few well-received singles. Her devoted following was in awe of her captivating performance. Fans frequently question if this young actress has a significant someone in her life given her successful career. Here is what we discovered!

Who Is Olivia Holt Dating?

Currently, Olivia Holt is in a great relationship with Tony Ferrari, an independent artist who is starting to get noticed in the music business. They continue to be effective! Although it’s unknown how or when they first connected, Olivia Holt posted some cute photos on her Instagram on Tony’s birthday, January 15, 2021.

On February 14, Tony also posted a photo of the couple to his Instagram account, wishing his lovely boyfriend a happy Valentine’s Day. It is beautiful to witness two young people so deeply in love, and we wish them nothing but the best in the days ahead.

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Olivia Holt’s Dating History

Since her days as a Disney Channel sweetheart, Olivia definitely has come a long way in terms of her romantic relationships, musical career, and acting career. She might not be available right now, but what happened in her previous relationships? View our gallery for a detailed look at Olivia’s dating history, including her ex-boyfriends, suspected relationships, and more!

Luke Benward

Following their 2012 co-production of Girl vs. Monster, these two Disney Channel stars started dating. They were the definition of a couple’s goals while they were dating, frequently exchanging adorable, PDA-filled images, traveling on lovebird getaways, and — get this — even attending prom together! Before breaking up, they had been dating for over a year.

Ray Kearin

After meeting at a BBQ through mutual acquaintances, Olivia and Ray Kearin began dating in 2015. The actress said exclusively to J-14 at the time that since Ray was a typical guy, it strengthened their bond. “It’s so cool because he’s so curious about what I do and I’m so curious about what he does.

Who Is Olivia Holt Dating

So it’s cool to go back and forth and have conversations about the lives that we don’t necessarily share together,” she remarked in July 2016. He is the ideal boy. We only recently met, yet I can’t seem to stop talking about him since I adore him so much.

I just feel incredibly pleased and content with my life right now. I’m in a happy place. It’s still unclear what went wrong in the end, although word of their breakup first surfaced in November 2017.

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Taylor Lautner

Who Is Olivia Holt Dating

The blonde beauty started dating Taylor Lautner after she and Ray split up, which fueled speculations. In December 2017, people saw the two hanging out at a football game and going to church together. The two reportedly had a romance but never discussed it in public.