Who Is Lola Tung Dating? Delving Into the Love Life of The Enigmatic Star!

Curiosity frequently reigns supreme in the enthralling domain of celebrity relationships. Fans and enthusiasts equally speculate passionately about the romantic relationships of their favorite celebrities. In this article, we will explore the current chapter of Lola Tung’s romantic life. From her rise to prominence to her current status as a celebrity, let’s investigate the whispers and rumors surrounding her dating life.

Who Is Lola Tung Dating?

who is lola tung dating

The leading woman of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” does not appear to be in a relationship at this time, or she may be keeping her relationship status private. Considering how booked and busy she is with her role as Belly, the 20-year-old actress undoubtedly has no time for dating.

She is only 21, so she has plenty of time to find her soul mate, and her acting career has begun to take off, so it would be prudent for her to concentrate on her career rather than looking for a partner.

In her television program, she had exceptional chemistry with her co-star, leading some viewers to wonder if they were dating in real life.

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Many Fans Think Lola Tung Is Dating Gavin Casalegno

Tung and Casalegno are the primary co-stars of the television program Summer I Turned Pretty, in which they play lovers and have outstanding chemistry. The show’s popularity is also due to the love narrative between the two stars.

No, they are not a couple, to dash everyone’s hopes. Behind the camera, they are close friends and frequently hang out together, but he is in a relationship with another woman.

Currently, he is dating Larsen Thompson, who is not an actress and has pursued her own career. He has also disclosed that he is a hopeless romantic who never misses a chance to make his fiancée feel special.

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Who Is Lola Tung’s Celebrity Crush?

After appearing on the program Summer I Turned Pretty, Tung has recently become a young breakout actress. She has become a celebrity crush for many admirers, but the iconic pop singer Taylor Swift is the celebrity about whom she gushes.

Since many of Taylor Swift’s songs are featured on her aforementioned television show, it can be presumed that she may have suggested that these songs be incorporated into her plot.

She has mentioned numerous times in interviews that she used to listen to Speak Now, Red, and Fearless to improve her mood and make her happy, particularly before going to bed.

In addition, she verified that the most recent season of the show will feature nine additional Taylor Swift songs.