NYT Crossword Answer 16 October: Check Answers And Explanations

The complete answer to the NY Times October 16, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

Rounded roofs DOMES
Closes, as a jacket or travel bag ZIPS
 Like the odds of getting dealt a royal flush SLIM
Stratosphere layer with a “hole” OZONE
Orchestra woodwind OBOE
 Partner for a mama PAPA
 Hunky star of “Aquaman” JASONMOMOA
 “Immediately!,” on an order ASAP
“Chopsticks ___ fork?” ORA
Opposite of bright DIM
 Distress signal device FLARE
Satirical sketch SKIT
Actress Tyler LIV
Dinner’s main course ENTREE
Hunky star of “Magic Mike” CHANNINGTATUM
Soccer stadium shout OLE
Derrière TUSH
 The “A” in MoMA ART
 “Sure as shootin’ ?” BYGUM
 Hunky co-star of “Rocky III” MRT
 Popular toaster waffles EGGOS
Rowing blade OAR
Berry said to be a “superfood” ACAI
“Here’s what I think,” to emailers IMO
Hunky co-star of the “Fast & Furious” franchise DWAYNEJOHNSON
Make beloved ENDEAR
 Boy LAD
Campus digs DORM
 Flip one’s lid? UNCAP
Skin blemish, slangily ZIT
Actress Vardalos or Long NIA
 Lacking fizz, as soda FLAT
 Avid fans of cinema ? or a punny description of 17-, 31-, 40- and 47-Across MOVIEBUFFS
Info for a computer DATA
“Gotcha” ISEE
 Bit of celery or broccoli STALK
 Lumberjacks swing them AXES
“If I Could Turn Back Time” singer CHER
 “For ___ sake!” PETES

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Vertical Clues-

Judo schoolsDOJOS
Arkansas’s ___ MountainsOZARK
 Inlaid tile designMOSAIC
 Bowie collaborator BrianENO
 Drop in the mailSEND
Get a closer view, as with a cameraZOOMIN
Tech giant dubbed “Big Blue”IBM
 [It just disappeared!]POOF
What a landlubber likely lacksSEALEGS
 Ancient rival of AthensSPARTA
Game like paintball, but without the paint or the ballsLASERTAG
Pub offering, for shortIPA
Rand McNally productMAP
Pooh and Piglet creatorMILNE
“O Canada” and othersANTHEMS
Quaker pronounTHOU
 Bitter criticismVITRIOL
? currencyEURO
911 responders, in briefEMTS
The Old Farmer’s ___ALMANAC
Filbert or pecanNUT
 Be an omen ofBODE
 Finish schoolGRADUATE
 Lt. col.’s inferiorMAJ
 B, gradewiseGOOD
Like pots made by a potterCERAMIC
 Nonmainstream, as musicINDIE
More foggyHAZIER
 Like skim milkNONFAT
Long-barreled gunRIFLE
 Halloween disguisesMASKS
 Swanky, like a certain Spice Girl?POSH
Recipe amt.TBSP
 Pharmaceutical watchdog org.FDA
Not strictLAX
 Letter represented by a peace signVEE
Great Basin peopleUTE