NYT Crossword Answer 13 October: Check Answers And Explanations

The complete answer to the NY Times October 13, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

Ones getting lit at a party, maybe MATCHES
Some subway art MOSAICS
Hit 2011 film based on a 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett THEHELP
Tame, metaphoricallyVANILLA
 Rock subgenre named for its aggressive vocalsSCREAMO
Pitching coach? VOICETEACHER
 All in, in a way OBSESSED
 Pour on the affectionDOTE
Waste ___BIN
Where more hot dogs are sold than at all Major League Baseball stadiums combined COSTCO
 “To the stars,” in Latin ADASTRA
Focus of some modern ethical debates CHATGPT
Figure with exactly 10 digits? MERMAID
Flag bearer REFEREE
House painted with polka dots, you might say EYESORE
Absolutely hate LOATHE
What a sports fan might call a “dub”WIN
Kind of phaseORALS
 Adds, as an appINSTALLLS
Music festival lineup PORTAPOTTIES
Point of no return RUBICON
 Seeing red ENRAGED
Foe of Ferocious Flea in Hanna-Barbera cartoons ATOMANT
Raw fish dish SASHIMI
 “Wish me luck!” HEREIGO
Make things evenTIEITUP

Vertical Clues-

“Becoming a Popstar” airerMTV
 Herb in many potato dishesCHIVE
Bret Easton ___, “American Psycho” authorELLIS
 50.1%, technicallyMOST
 Way back whenONCE
Emmy-nominated GilbertSARA
Some speech startersANEDOTES
“Napoleon Dynamite” settingIDAHO
 Ajax competitorCOMET
 [What a bore!]SNORE
 Where the Tokugawa shogunate was establishedEDO
Who said “Issues are never simple. One thing I’m proud of is that very rarely will you hear me simplify the issues”OBAMA
European hotel amenityBIDET
Junkyard warningSNARL
Paramount requirement?SCREENTEST
Gender-neutral pronounTHEY
Commercial follower of Mc- or Nes-CAFE
Polynesian stapleTARO
World capital where it’s illegal to display the Soviet hammer and sickleRIGA
Junkyard warningGROWL
Main characters in “Booksmart” and “Easy A”TEENS
Best sellerHIT
Highest-rated daytime talk show in American historyOPRAH
 Waze calculationROUTE
Setting for a green wedding, perhapsARBOR
Where early tablets were first unveiled?SINAI
 To the pointTERSE
Beverage brand founded in OsakaASASHI
Kind of palm or berryACAI
 Early sports video gamePONG
One step ahead of, sayONTO
 Runner with vestigial wingsEMU
 Some smokeless tobaccoDIP