Money Heist Season 6 Cancellation News: The End of the Royal Mint Saga!

Alex Pina is the creator of the TV series Money Heist, a robbery criminal thriller set in Spain. From the perspective of one of the thieves, Tokio, the series centers on two meticulously plotted heists: one that targets Spain’s Royal Mint, and the other that targets Spain’s Bank.

Parts 1 and 2 of the program aired in 2017, however, it ended at Part 5 in 2021. The narrative is told in the actual timeline, with depth provided by time jumps, flashbacks, hidden character motivations, and an unreliable narrator. Netflix declared the previous season, Money Heist: Part 5, to be the last installment of the series.

Together, they take on codenames from various locations across the globe and plan to plunder Spain’s Royal Mint. In season six, though, will they be back for another heist? Here are all the details we currently know about the release date and schedule for Money Heist Season 6.

Money Heist Season 6 Release Date Speculation

Unfortunately, there is no date set for the release of Money Heist Season 6. The show finished with Part 5. Money Heist became a global hit for Netflix, which is why five further installments were released till December 2021. The fifth and final installment of the series neatly wrapped up the plot.

Rather, in 2022, Netflix released the first two episodes of a Korean version called “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.” A prequel to the original series, set in 2023, will center on Andrés de Fonollosa, also known as Berlin.

It is scheduled to premiere in December 2023 and will reunite Pedro Alonso’s titular character with his former self, prior to his demise from a deadly illness in the original series.

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The Cast of Money Heist Series

Money Heist Season 6 Release Date

Money Heist Season 5 Ending Explained

Money Heist Season 6 Release Date

The story begins with Tokyo’s valiant death. Major Sagasta informs the team outside while the Professor, stricken with grief, struggles to cope. Alicia uses the distraction as an opportunity to get away. Colonel Tamayo is told by Sagasta to exercise patience as he attempts to get the situation under control by bringing in the army.

Benjamin is left at the stormwater tank by the Professor and Marseille to execute the plan as instructed when Alicia vanishes. When the professor eventually arrives at the bank, he tells Tamayo that he doesn’t know where the gold is and won’t reveal its location until he has made sure his team is safe.

Tamayo promises to question every member of the team and offer a fresh start to the first to come clean. The professor had estimated that the gang would have a powerful negotiating tool in their talks if it were discovered that the gold had been taken from the bank. This would result in total financial chaos in Spain.

Money Heist Season 6 Release Date

Denver is the first person Tamayo questions with the proposal, and he remains silent despite expressing skepticism about it. In addition to holding him outside the bank, they take advantage of his actions to convince the others not to divulge the plot.

Where Can You Watch and Stream Money Heist?

Netflix offers all five seasons of Money Heist as well as all of its episodes for viewing and streaming. You must have a Netflix subscription in order to watch Money Heist Season 5 online. Netflix provides a variety of options to suit various budgets and requirements.

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“Money Heist,” the popular Spanish crime thriller series created by Alex Pina, concluded with Part 5 in December 2021. There are no plans for Part 6 of the original series. Instead, a spin-off movie series titled “Berlin” is in production. The show is available for streaming on Netflix, where you can watch all five seasons.