All Of Us Are Dead: Powerful Quotes that Define the Zombie Apocalypse!

The recently broadcast Korean series ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ caused a worldwide sensation. It became an instant success with viewers. Even though it was released in January, the world is still discussing it, and justifiably so.

Some of the show’s sequences were extremely powerful. It will not readily leave our minds. Few quotes and/or dialogues captured the essence of the program while also touching on its deeper themes. There is a great deal to consider regarding bullying, high school circumstances, impotence, and contemporary society in general.

If You Have Seen the Series ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ You Will Surely Recall These Quotes. Let’s Get Started!

All of us are dead quotes

“You Have to Live For Them.”Cheong-San Lee

Cheong San was there for On-jo when she encountered difficulties and found it difficult to continue moving forward. He reminded her that she is still cared for by others. She must find a means to continue living for them. She must, if for nothing else, live for Cheong San and her father.

“Whether You’re Rich or Poor, Got Good Grades or Bad Ones, Everyone’s Equal in An Accident.”Nam So-Jeong

It is a simple yet potent line that conveys that everyone is equal during a disaster. As all lives are equal and must be preserved, neither power nor money should be a factor. It also demonstrates how much So-Ju loves and prioritizes his daughter’s happiness and safety above all else. He exerts no force on her.

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“If It Happens Again, Bite Me, Not Yourself. if You Bite Me, I’ll Just Become Like You.”Lee Su-Hyeok

The majority of Su-Hyeok and Nam-Ra’s scenes were gorgeous and contributed to their plot, but this one is a fan favorite. It demonstrated that he cared for Nam-Ra and did not want her to agonize alone. Genuine concern from another person can make all the difference.

“I Really wish the School would Burn Down until Nothing’s Left.”Min Eun-Jeong

It was extremely upsetting to see her character endure so much bullying at the outset of the story. Eun-Ji states that she wishes for the school to be destroyed by fire, but seeing her actually accomplish this was something else. It appeared to be poetic retribution. We may not have seen much of her, but she nevertheless left an impression.

All of us are dead quotes

“The Strong Are Now Ripping Apart the Weak. It Happens Regularly.”Lee Byeong-Che

This was the beginning of the entire pandemonium. A young child who is unable to defend himself against bullies, and his father’s desperate endeavor to aid him. Those with authority in society crush the helpless who are unable to defend themselves. It occurs frequently. As it is ambiguous whether Byeong Chan’s actions are right or wrong, the viewer will experience anguish and confusion.

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“No One’s Coming to Save Us.”Jang Ha-rikamba

Ha-Ri was a remarkable and courageous individual. She not only fights for her own survival but also inspires others to do the same. When it becomes evident that no adult is coming to save them, she leads her group to survival—a basic yet dialogue filled with many emotions.

“When It Rains, You Use the Rain. When It’s Windy, You Use the Wind. This Is Political.”Eun Hee Park

Each of us is Dead did not shirk away from presenting a realistic depiction of the political climate. You may believe she has changed her mind, but Park Eun-Hee could care less about the pandemonium. All that mattered till the end was her prestige and power. Her mind is solely focused on exploiting the current situation for her own benefit.