Letterkenny Season 12: Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

Fans of the Canadian comedy series “Letterkenny” have anxiously awaited Season 12, and the good news is that the residents of Letterkenny are back with their hilarious antics and witty banter. With its distinct blend of small-town humor, clever wordplay, and quirky characters, this show, created by and starring Jared Keeso, has garnered a devoted fan base. As Season 12 of the cherished series approaches, let’s examine what we can anticipate from this latest installment.

Letterkenny Season 12 Release Date

letterkenny season 12

Season 12 has yet to be formally announced. The cast of Letterkenny announced on Instagram that filming for Season 12 of the Crave and Hulu comedy has already begun for the autumn of 2022. Season 12 has already begun production, as the series has already debuted. The network has not yet announced the upcoming premiere date for the program.

It is predicted that Seasons 8 through 11 all premiered in Canada on Christmas Day, so based on our informed estimates, Season 12 will presumably premiere on December 25, 2023. This page will be updated as further Letterkenny Season 12 details become available.

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Cast of Letterkenny Season 12

There have been no official casting announcements. Here are some Season 11 characters:

  • Tierney and Daryl Dales (Nathan Dales)
  • Katy Michelle Mylett
  • Dan K. Trevor Wilson
  • Reilly’s son, Dylan Playfair (Playfair)
  • Andrew Herr (Jonesy) Jonesy
  • Tyler Johnston (Stewart).
  • Roald Stern (Evan)
  • Connor Patrick McNeil (McNeil)
  • Lisa Codrington (Gail) and Dan Petronijevic (McCurray) are co-stars.

Plot of Letterkenny Season 12

letterkenny season 12

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Fans can anticipate more of Letterkenny’s witty and eccentric humor, though specific plot elements are being kept under wraps. A few of the groups in which the town’s residents participate are the Hicks, the Skids, the Hockey Players, and the Natives. Season 12 will likely continue to emphasize these relationships and provide additional memorable moments.

Where Can I Watch Season 12?

Hulu provides access to the first eleven seasons of television shows in the United States. It is available on the video-on-demand service Crave in Canada. The twelfth season will be released on the same platform as previous seasons.


“Letterkenny” fans can rejoice as Season 12 of this beloved Canadian comedy series is on its way, promising more small-town humor, clever wordplay, and the return of quirky characters. Although the release date is yet to be officially confirmed, production is underway, and it’s likely to premiere around December 25, 2023, following the tradition of previous seasons. Stay tuned for more updates on the hilarious adventures of the residents of Letterkenny!