All of Us Are Dead Fan Theories: From Zombies to Conspiracies!

Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead essentially ends on a cliffhanger — well, almost, if you sub in a building instead of an actual cliff. In the final moments of the first season of the South Korean zombie drama, the surviving pupils peer over the edge of their school and are shocked by what they see. The audience is not let in on the secret of what’s lurking below, but spectators have formulated numerous hypotheses about this and other potential Season 2 developments. The series has not yet been officially renewed. Here are the four most compelling Season 2 theories to date.

Cheong-San Is Still Alive

All of us are dead fan theories

Cheong-san initially fought alongside the core group to repel the school-invading undead. However, he fell victim to the wound of another character, Gwi-nam. However, we never actually saw what happened to Cheong-san; all we know is that he sacrificed himself to save his companions and that, when On-jo returned to the scene of his death, only his name tag remained.

As the rule goes in television, if you don’t see a body, the character is most likely not deceased; however, Cheong-san would have had to survive the explosions the government set off to eradicate the zombie infestation for this theory to be true.

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Nam-Ra Is Still Alive

All of us are dead fan theories

Nam-ra, like Cheong-san, was wounded by a zombie. She never fully turned, however. She became a halfbie, also known as a half-zombie and half-human. These entities have a humanoid appearance and enhanced physical abilities.

The director of All of Us Are Dead, Lee Jae-gyu, told the Korean news site SpotTV of halfbies, “I thought there could be a sudden situation in which the zombie virus is not 100 percent infected because the immune system of each individual varies depending on the situation.” “It can be collectively referred to as a semi-infected person.

Due to the presence of very potent antibodies, it is not in a state of not having a disease,” he continued, also referring to these infected individuals as “immortals.”

Nam-ra is last seen in Season 1 leaping from the top of the school building rather than going to safety with her former companions. But she should be fine: Additionally, Lee referred to halfbies as “immortals.”

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The Government Is Weaponizing the Virus

All of us are dead fan theories

Government officials raided the home of the scientist who started the zombie outbreak near the conclusion of Season 1. His initial intention was to chemically enhance his timid son’s courage, but the attempt manifestly failed.

The agents initially go to his residence with the intention of stealing his research, but upon arrival, they discover that his wife and son have been turned into zombies. When the government agents return to their shelter, they bring with them the scientist’s wife and son, as well as a zombie soldier and a half-breed student.

Does this imply that they are conducting additional tests on the virus’s biology to discover a cure, or are they using science for something more sinister?

Season 2 Will Explore the Zombies’ Survival

This is more of a confirmation than a theory. Lee explained in an interview with the Korean Herald that, if approved, Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead will focus more on the ghouls’ perspective. “If the first season can be seen as presenting the survival of humanity, then the second season could focus on the survival of zombies,” he said, adding that he hopes to create a second season. Move it, Netflix.