Larsa Pippen Body Transformation: Before and After Picture OF The ‘RHOM’ Star!

Larsa Pippen is an American businessman, socialite, and reality show star. She has been a part of The Real Housewives of Miami’s main cast since the reality series’ 2011 premiere and will return in 2021. Scottie Pippen, a former NBA player, was her ex-husband.

Along with her work in television, Larsa has drawn attention to changes in both her physical appearance and persona. After marrying Scottie Pippen, famed American model Larsa Pippen became well-known all over the world. After 2018, people began to notice alterations in her appearance.

She allegedly underwent plastic surgery, according to rumors. A star of the reality television show Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa Pippen, has faced with rumors about her divorce from Scottie Pippen and a public falling out with Kim Kardashian, a longtime friend.

Larsa Pippen Before and After Surgery

Larsa Pippen kept her plastic surgery a secret, but the transformation in her figure is evident in her bikini photos from 2016 to 2019. Lars’ career soon made a significant jump forward. Dr. Ourian, a lip surgeon, also took care of her lips. On her abdomen, Larsa received non-surgical skin tightening therapy in 2017.

Larsa Pippen Body Transformation

After that, there was a lot of renewed talk about potential plastic surgery. The difference in Larsa Pippen’s butt size before and after surgery in recent years is notable. A healthier diet and exercise routine, however, may also make this achievable.

According to rumors, Larsa had lip injections done to make her look more like Kim Kardashian. She has had work done on her face, torso, and butts over the years, according to the specialists. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes abdominal fat and injects it into the butt.

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How Does Larsa Pippen Maintain Her Body?

Larsa admitted during a reunion that, although claiming to have had three surgeries, she emphasized keeping up her appearance. She admitted in an interview that she worked seven days a week but left the possibility of cosmetic surgery open. Larsa says she constantly wants to try something new and keeps an eye on current trends in fashion.

Larsa Pippen’s before and after surgery photos demonstrate how pleased she is with her own improvement. While Scottie is away, Larsa likes co-parenting their children, Scottie Jr., Preston, Sophia, and Justin. The pair divorced in January 2022 after 24 years of marriage.

Did Larsa Pippen Get a BBL?

Larsa shot down rumors that she had a butt lift or other augmentation when it came to her curves.
The Chicago native confessed to interviewer Andy Cohen, “I work out literally seven days a week.” If I show you pictures from five years ago, you’ll see that I weighed less than 100 pounds.

Given that I currently weigh 140 pounds, both my arms and legs appear to be thicker than they once were. My physique as a whole has transformed… I exercise, therefore my body is lean. In addition, the former basketball player’s ex-wife has made public comments about using Ultra Shape, a non-invasive treatment performed in Chicago by plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Horn that targets and eliminates fat cells.

Larsa Pippen Body Transformation

Larsa praised the surgery in a 2018 blog post, saying, “Ultra Shape gives me more confidence.” “Even though I follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently, some areas continue to defy my efforts. The inches are vanishing thanks to Ultra Shape.

The Chicago native, in general, just wants to feel comfortable in her own flesh. “Confidence is attractive in both sexes. The mother-of-four said on her blog, “Love your curves, stretch marks, and smile lines. “Treat yourself with love and respect as the attractive woman you are.”

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Although Larsa Pippen hasn’t officially acknowledged having cosmetic surgery, her altered physique suggests that she may have. Experts claim that Larsa Pippen’s before and after photos show that, in addition to her breast and face, she also had surgery on her buttocks. In recent years, her appearance has undergone a significant transformation.