Jessica Alves SHOCKING Transformation from Human Ken Doll to Human Barbie!

Jessica Alves SHOCKING Transformation

Jessica Alves, popularly known as Human Ken Doll, is a transgender model and media figure who is Brazilian and British. She is well known for undergoing numerous cosmetic operations. Jessica Alves, a wealthy woman with residences in London, Spain, and Marbella, was previously noted.

She has a steady income thanks to her grandparents’ companies and rental homes. She provides a lengthy list of Spanish rental homes. When she was a child, her grandfather always gave her a Barbie doll. Teenage Jessica Alves experienced bullying.

According to her body dimensions, she is a stunning young lady with a warm, relaxed demeanor. To find out more about Jessica Alves before and after, read the article through to the conclusion. So let’s get started and learn the most recent developments regarding Jessica Alves’ before and after.

Jessica Alves Before and After

Formerly known as Rodrigo Alves, Jessica Alves is a Brazilian TV personality, model, and Onlyfans model. She was formerly known as the Human Ken doll and is well known for having undergone numerous plastic surgery, making her look like a Barbie doll.

Jessica Alves SHOCKING Transformation

At the age of 21, a young guy made the decision to have face surgery for the first time. He had no idea how drastically the procedure would alter his life. The number of persons having cosmetic and surgical procedures has been rising significantly.

Here is where you can see Rodrigo Alves’ fascination with Barbie dolls and Disney characters: In 2018, Rodrigo, a.k.a. “Ken,” underwent 50 of 70 full cosmetic procedures. All facial features, including the chin, cheekbones, eyes, and nose, received implants.

The young man also healed from necrosis and septicemia while pursuing the aim of “Living Ken,” and he restored his physique. Brazilians are also paying attention to his hair. He altered his development pattern, greatly increasing the volume of each strand.

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Man Rodrigo Alves Became Jessica: Photo

As photographs of Rodrigo before his plastic surgery are widely released on the network, the enthusiasm surrounding the ludicrous image of the “living ken” has gradually faded. Public interest decreased. On the star’s Instagram in 2020, a new version of the hero was charmingly introduced; he is now a lady by the name of Jessica.

In fact, after sharing his new philosophy with his followers, the man came to the realization that he had always felt feminine within. He was drawn to his mother’s fashionable clothes and high heels even as a young youngster. Rodrigo Alves underwent mammoplasty, other face procedures, and hair extensions to fully convert into a Barbie.

Jessica Alves SHOCKING Transformation

The newly graduated girl gives her Instagram followers access to pictures of her in swimwear. Long before that, the man had cut the ribs to get the desired waist measurements. The operation has been helpful now that he has changed sexes because, in his opinion and based on the numerous bikini photos, Jessica Alves is a very seductive lady.

Jessica Alves Instagram

Before adopting the name Jessica in July 2020, Rodrigo Alves made appearances in a number of TV shows. appears in Season 4 of Botched as Rodrigo Alves. She previously made an appearance in her 2015 television miniseries Reggie Yates Extreme UK.

Her live chat programs have invited her to take part, which she has appreciated. In a conversation about the kind of sexual partner she desired, Jessica Her Alves used foul language after making an appearance on the reality series Celebrity Her Big Her Brother in August 2018.

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When Jessica Alves and plastic surgeon Giacomo Urtiz collaborated on the song “Cosmetic World” in March 2019, it garnered new media attention. Her adult modeling services are now offered on Onlyfans and her Instagram. On Instagram, Jessica presently has 6.9 million followers.