Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss 2023: The Journey of Her Weight Loss!

Kelly Clarkson has always been in the spotlight, from her incredible singing talent that won her the very first season of American Idol to her subsequent career as a renowned pop and country artist. However, in recent years, she’s caught the public’s eye for something other than her music—her remarkable weight loss journey. The multi-talented artist has undergone a significant transformation, and fans and media have been following her journey with keen interest.

Let’s take a closer look at Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey, the factors contributing to her success, and the message she’s sending to the world about body positivity.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

kelly clarkson weight loss 2023

Kelly underwent an initial weight loss of 40 pounds in 2018. She initially attributed her dietary transformation to the book The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry. She elaborated to Extra that she did it for medicinal reasons: “It’s essentially about how we prepare our food; no pesticides, no genetically modified organisms; and eating organically.”

“Fully recovered from an autoimmune disorder and a thyroid issue, I diligently perused this book in its entirety. It was a transformative experience.” “This book explained to the publication that I am no longer taking medication.”

“It’s the same stuff you eat; I simply use different ingredients,” Kelly explained to Today host Hoda Kotb during an appearance that year. Similar to frying chicken, although you use non-hormone poultry and I use cassava flour, tapioca flour, or almond flour, I would like to inform you that the process is extremely costly.

Kelly Clarkson, Did She Utilize Diet Pills?

kelly clarkson weight loss 2023

By reiterating that she altered the ingredient composition of the foods she consumed, Kelly debunked allegations in May 2019 that she maintained her trimmer physique through means other than those she had previously disclosed.

“Additional fabricated information circulating regarding me pertains to my alleged participation in unconventional weight loss pills or fad diets.” Everything stated here is false. I have absolutely no time for that. Consistently, I consume the same foods. She tweeted that everything was simply prepared with various flours, sugars, and ingredients.

Did Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Play a Part in Her Weight Loss?

After the finalization of her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in 2022, Kelly reportedly lost weight, although she has not explicitly addressed the matter. Having resolved that particular aspect of her life, she resumed her performing career in Las Vegas with the Bakkt Theater of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Chemistry…an Intimate Night With Kelly Clarkson, which debuted on July 28, 2023. It is probable that the artist’s substantial physique is the result of high-energy performances.

Is Kelly Clarkson a Personal Trainer?

kelly clarkson weight loss 2023

According to Kelly, exercise did not contribute to her 2018 weight loss. “I am avoiding exercise!” People may perceive that I am exercising, to which I reply, “Don’t think I’m going to come play a sport!” Regarding her dietary habits, she exclaimed to Extra, “Put simply, I haven’t exercised at all!”

After relocating her daytime talk show to New York for the 2023 season, the Grammy-winning artist is, nevertheless, gaining ground. During an “8 Questions Before 8 a.m.” segment on Today on September 21, she disclosed a method by which she managed to expend calories without having to visit the gym. “The walking is the most exciting aspect of life in the Big Apple,” Kelly said, adding, “In Los Angeles, you drive everywhere. It may sound absurd, but it’s true.” Driving is the norm in all areas of Texas.


Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey has been a topic of public interest. Her initial transformation of 40 pounds in 2018 was attributed to dietary changes, including organic and non-GMO foods. Kelly has consistently denied using diet pills or fad diets. While her divorce from Brandon Blackstock in 2022 may have played a role in her weight loss, she stated that exercise was not a significant factor. Instead, her active lifestyle in New York City has helped her maintain her physique. Kelly’s journey sends a message about the importance of health and well-being, emphasizing that there are various paths to achieving one’s goals.

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