Is Joe Buck Gay? Exploring Joe Buck’s Personal Life!

The world of sports commentary is often synonymous with intense scrutiny, where the lives of prominent broadcasters like Joe Buck become topics of public interest. In recent years, there has been a growing curiosity about Joe Buck’s sexual orientation, as rumors and speculation about his personal life have gained traction.

Buck’s distinguished career as a play-by-play announcer for numerous high-profile events, including the Super Bowl and World Series, has kept him in the spotlight. In this article, we’ll explore the questions and rumors surrounding Joe Buck’s sexuality, addressing the ongoing curiosity about his personal life and the public’s quest for answers.

Is Joe Buck Gay?

is joe buck gay

No, Joe Buck is not gay. He has been married twice and has been in a marital union with his second wife, Michelle Beisner, since 2014. While rumors about his sexuality swirled, they were initially sparked by his connection to third baseman Fernando Tatis. Some speculated that Tatis might have played a role in Buck’s divorce from his first wife of 18 years, Ann Archambault. However, it later became apparent that Tatis was not the cause of the divorce.

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Who Is Joe Buck’s Wife?

is joe buck gay

Since 2014, Joe Buck and Michelle Beisner-Buck have been wed.

In late 2012, they were initially acquainted through a colleague of Michelle’s. As of the 2013 Super Bowl, a romantic relationship had developed between Joe and Michelle. After exchanging vows in 2014, the couple in 2018 welcomed twin sons named Wyatt and Blake.

“I do not take it for granted that being able to spend time with Joe and the four of us together is a little slice of heaven,” she wrote in an ESPN opinion piece concerning their expanding family.

Formerly wedded to Ann Archambault Buck, Joe, an ESPN sports commentator, has two daughters with her: Trudy and Natalie Buck. The ex-spouses were married in 1993 and separated in 2011.

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Michelle Met Joe Through a Colleague

is joe buck gay

Rich Eisen, Michelle’s NFL Network colleague at the time, introduced her to Joe during the autumn of 2012. Eisen disclosed to The Ringer in 2016 that he had contacted Michelle and explained that an individual in his booth had requested her telephone number. Her partner was present at the time, but she was intrigued by the unknown individual.

She began listing possible broadcasters before ironically instructing him, “Please do not mention Joe Buck.” Michelle subsequently clarified that her reluctance originated from Buck’s National Car Rental advertisement, in which he appeared to her as “haughty and conceited.” Joe “gently pushed the issue himself” by texting her the following after Eisen established the connection: “Do you still reside with that boyfriend of yours? “However, that is completely stupid.”

Michelle and her boyfriend ultimately terminated their relationship, and around the time of the 2013 Super Bowl, she began dating Joe. She disclosed that her first impression of him was unfounded, stating that her present spouse is “absolutely the antithesis of arrogance or conceit that a person could be.” I refer to the exact opposite and farthest point on the continuum.”

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She Shares Two Kids with Joe

Michelle welcomed twin sons, Wyatt Joseph and Blake Andrew, on April 26, 2018. They were delivered the day following Joe’s 49th birthday.

“We felt so fortunate; they are simply healthy and content young men.” “It is impossible to ask for more than that,” she stated in an ESPN opinion piece.

In order to procreate, Michelle disclosed that she had undergone in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“However, we have required quite some time to reach this juncture. “I can assure you that nothing is more emotionally, monetarily, and financially taxing than the process of in vitro fertilization that we endured,” she wrote. “The procedure is extremely arduous and agonizing. However, following a total of three cycles, Joe and I were informed that we were expecting two adorable and miraculous infants.

Michelle stated in an Instagram post commemorating Father’s Day 2018 that Joe is “absolutely the best in the ‘Dad Department.'”

She added, “Beinghold the caliber of father you are to @nattiebuck and @trudybuck with the hashtags @blakeandrewbuck and Wyattjosephbuck has been the greatest honor and pleasure to witness.” “Every day, I appreciate you laughing, adoring, protecting, and parenting in the proper manner. Totally smitten with you. My closest buddy. “My ideal companion.”


Joe Buck, the accomplished play-by-play announcer for prestigious sporting events, including the Super Bowl and World Series, has faced rumors and speculation about his sexuality. In addressing these ongoing questions, it’s essential to clarify that Joe Buck is not gay. He has been in a marital union with his second wife, Michelle Beisner, since 2014. While initial rumors linked him to third baseman Fernando Tatis, it later became clear that Tatis was not the cause of his divorce from his first wife, Ann Archambault. Joe Buck’s personal life may have piqued public interest, but his marital status demonstrates his dedication to his family.