Is Smokey Robinson Gay? Fact-Checking the Rumors!

The world of entertainment often sparks curiosity about the personal lives of celebrities. Smokey Robinson, an iconic figure in the music industry, has not only left an indelible mark with his timeless songs but has also garnered interest regarding his sexual orientation. The question that frequently arises is, “Is Smokey Robinson gay?” In this article, we will explore the rumors and speculations surrounding Smokey Robinson’s sexuality, delving into his life and addressing the ongoing discussions about his personal life. Robinson’s journey is a testament to his enduring legacy in music and the enduring power of his artistry.

Is Smokey Robinson Gay?

is smokey robinson gay

No, Smokey Robinson is not gay. He never admitted to being homosexual; he simply never made it clear. He has been accused of homosexuality, but no evidence exists to substantiate that assertion.

Upon reviewing a number of his interviews, we discovered that he never disclosed his sexual orientation. Unquestionably, Smokey Robinson’s voice was and remains magnificent. He was presently capable of expressing his thoughts without constraint.

Whoever he is, nobody can accuse him of being someone he does not claim to be. Therefore, why do some individuals maintain that the American singer is homosexual when, in reality, he is heterosexual?

“Ain’t No One Straight in L.A.” is his tune that explains everything. In 1975, Robinson released this song at a time when being embarrassed by oneself was still a social stigma. Strangers, such as homosexuals, bisexual lesbians, and other sexualized individuals, were not permitted to freely express themselves at the time.

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Who Is Smokey Robinson’s Wife?

is smokey robinson gay

Since May 2002, Smokey has been wed to a woman named Frances Glandney, per Hollywood Life. While Frances does not have the same level of involvement in the music industry as her spouse, she has achieved personal success. She is an interior designer by profession and strives to maintain a private and understated lifestyle.

She collaborated with Smokey to introduce a skincare line under the Skinphonic brand. Two cosmetics collections bearing the names My Girl and The Get Ready are formulated specifically for individuals with melanated complexions. Songs he composed for the Temptations served as the inspiration for the titles of their compilations.

According to Buzz South Africa, Frances and Smokey began as colleagues before pursuing a romantic relationship. Her initial employment with him was as an interior decorator for one of his residences.

Before he wed Frances, Smokey was previously wed to another woman for twenty-seven years. Prior to that, Claudette Rogers Robinson was his spouse. According to Rock N Heavy, throughout the duration of their marriage, Smokey and Claudette experienced pregnancy difficulties, including seven miscarriages and stillborn twins.

They were ultimately successful in welcoming two children into the world as a unit. Sadly, their matrimonial union imploded upon her revelation that he had been the father of a third child with his concubine. Following nearly thirty years of matrimony, she filed for divorce.

How Many Kids Does Smokey Robinson Have?

is smokey robinson gay

At the moment, Smokey is the parent of three children. Berry Robinson, Smokey’s eldest son, and Tamla Robinson, his only daughter, were born in 1968 and 1971, respectively, while he was still married to Claudette, according to Closer Weekly. 1984 marked the birth of Trey Robinson, his third child. Kandi is the moniker given to the woman with whom Smokey shares Trey in his autobiography, Smokey: Inside My Life.

Berry has largely avoided the public eye, appearing to have no desire to follow in the footsteps of his father. In 2019, Tamla endeavored to establish a novel holiday known as Father-Daughter Day in collaboration with Smokey, with the intention of fostering familial bonds and connections.

Trey shares a similar disposition to Berry in that he has elected to lead a more discrete existence. It is evident that Smokey maintained an amicable relationship with his mother.


Smokey Robinson’s sexuality remains a subject of speculation, but he has not publicly identified as gay. His career, known for timeless music, transcends any rumors. His personal life and marriage to Frances Glandney affirm his heterosexual identity. Robinson’s legacy shines through both his music and enduring privacy regarding his personal affairs.