Is Christian Laettner Gay? A Closer Look at His Personal Life!

Christian Laettner, the basketball legend who made a name for himself with his iconic plays in college basketball and a successful NBA career, has often been in the public eye. Despite his fame on the court, there have been rumors and speculation about his personal life, particularly regarding his sexual orientation.

In this article, we aim to delve into the intriguing world of Christian Laettner’s personal life and address the persistent question: Is Christian Laettner gay? We’ll explore the various aspects of his life, share any statements he may have made on the matter, and discuss the importance of respecting an individual’s privacy.

Is Christian Laettner Gay?

is christian laettner gay

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No, he is not gay. The rumor regarding Laettner’s sexual orientation endured due to his decision not to refute it.

Evidently, Laettner’s family was dismayed when Curry Kirkpatrick of Sports Illustrated addressed the gay issue in a lengthy article for the collegiate basketball edition of the magazine. Christian was unfazed, stating at the time, “He was required to write about subjects other than basketball.”

It is at this moment to put an end to the nonsensical discourse. Laettner will graduate from college on Monday evening or Saturday evening.

It is his play that ought to be remembered; he confronted opponents head-on and then dispatched them with the bell. Peruse Kentucky. Query UNLV. Consult Connecticut first.

Laettner may be considered a persona non grata on the court. No other member of the Duke squad would have tackled Aminu Timberlake of the Kentucky Wildcats. No one else would have exhibited the same level of profanity towards officials during last year’s ACC finals as Laettner.

Kentucky might not concur that Laettner is not a flawless 10 considering last Saturday’s perfect shooting statistics. Indeed, Laettner is occasionally a bully.

He can also transport this mysterious man’s belongings too far. His personal social life was of no concern to him. Obviously, he is correct, but others have chosen to spread the vile falsehoods further.

Finally, he has attended to the matter at hand. He is not gay.

Is He at Present Married?

is christian laettner gay

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Indeed, he is unmarried and single. On September 28, 1996, Christian Laettner wed Lisa Thibault; the couple has three children: Summer and Sophie, sons, and Tor.

In 2015, Lisa filed for divorce. While Lisa maintains the use of her married name, her Facebook status confirms that she is currently unmarried. The mother of three has maintained her silence regarding her divorce from her spouse, an NBA player.

Lisa Thibaut attended Westonka Senior High School and the University of Minnesota Twin Cities before relocating to Mound, Minnesota. She is presently self-employed as an arts and crafts expert.

At the moment, Lisa Thibaut is a resident of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She commemorates her birthday annually on February 2 with her three children. All of her children remain close to her despite their divorce and make an effort to pay her a visit during the holidays.


Christian Laettner, a basketball legend, has faced rumors about his sexual orientation. However, he’s not gay, and these speculations should be put to rest. Laettner’s focus has always been on his exceptional play on the court, where he faced opponents head-on. His personal life is his own, and we should respect his privacy. Despite a past marriage, he is currently unmarried. His ex-wife, Lisa Thibault, and their three children maintain a close relationship. It’s important to remember Laettner for his remarkable achievements in basketball, rather than perpetuating unfounded rumors about his personal life.