Thrown Object Hits Florence Pugh In The FACE…At A ‘Dune 2’ Panel In Brazil

More celebrities being heckled on stage… this time it was Florence Pugh, and it happened in Brazil.

The actress joined her ‘Dune 2’ co-stars on Sunday in Sao Paolo for an event called CCXP 2023, which was essentially a Comic Con-style gathering where they all appeared alongside director Denis Villeneuve and discussed the upcoming sequel in front of fans. As their segment ended, the entire cast, including Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and Austin Butler, gathered at the front of the stage to pose.

This item comes flying in from the audience and strikes Pugh in the mug, which caught her off guard… as did everyone else. Everyone in her cast checked on her to make sure she was okay… and their time together ended awkwardly. Nobody knows what it was… but it looks like a shrimp at first glance. We’ve seen several entertainers, particularly musicians, deal with overzealous fans like this in the United States… but it appears that others all over the world are doing it as well.

Take shelter, everyone… things are being thrown, and it doesn’t matter who it hits. It’s unclear if anyone was held accountable for this — from the footage, it doesn’t appear that security was rushing over to the offender… or if much more was done at all. Of course, this disturbing practice of hurling objects is still going on.

Dune: Part Two Screening: CCXP 2023 In So Paulo

The opening 10 minutes of Dune: Part Two were screened exclusively during the film’s panel this Sunday afternoon at CCXP 2023 in So Paulo, surprising fans and press in attendance. Denis Villeneuve revealed that those present at the Thunder Stage were the first people outside of the studio to see the finished scenes.

Dune: Part Two Screening: CCXP 2023 In So Paulo

The filmmaker was joined by Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Timothée Chalamet, and Austin Butler for this thrilling event! The crowd greeted the young stars, who were suddenly ready to do publicity for the film following the end of the actors’ union strike, with roaring cheers.

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