The Most Trending Shows on Netflix This Year

The Most Trending Shows on Netflix This Year

What is that one platform we always head to when we are bored and need something fun to watch? Netflix of course! The thing about Netflix is that you can find various niches and genres of shows and movies that you can watch, making sure that you always have something that will keep you hooked to your screen.

There are some shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine that you can watch on the NBC Network as long as you have an extensive TV service such as what you get with one of the most opted for cable TV service with Spectrum TV. But, you can also access the show on Netflix, making things a lot easier for you.

However, today we will talk entirely about Netflix and all the amazing shows that you can watch on it. You need to keep up to speed with the shows that are trending so make sure that you read to the end of the article for a well-thought-out list.

  1. The Fall of the House of Usher

This year, we finally got something new from Mike Flanagan, who is a master of his own craft. With shows like The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass, The Midnight Club, and The Haunting of Bly Manor, we had many expectations from The Fall of the House of Usher. Just like all the other shows, this one had a sinister undertone as well and the best part was that it was inspired by a story by Edgar Allan Poe.

The show is about a family that is headed by a man called Rodrick Usher who runs a pharmaceutical empire that has a lot of unlawful things going on in the background. However, things start getting weird when all the potential heirs to the empire start dying in horrendous and gruesome ways.

You would have to wait until the end of the show to find out why all those sinister deaths happened. The Fall of the House of Usher should definitely be on your number because of how brilliant it is.

  1. The Railway Men

The Railway Men came out just a couple of days ago and it is the kind of show that had us hooked to our screens through the entirety of the show. If you have seen Chernobyl on HBO, then you would be glad to know that The Railway Men is very much similar to Chernobyl. The show is about the Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy that took place back in 1984 in India. There was a major gas leak in a Union Carbide Factory, the MIC gas that leaked killed around 15,000 to 20,000 people were killed by the gas leak.

There was a group of railway men that historically took it upon themselves to save numerous lives and that is exactly what the show is about. The show is just as shocking as Chernobyl was and it gave an insight into how mismanaged the factory was and how it was tried to cover up the incident. This was also a result of negligence just like Chernobyl and even today, it remains one of the deadliest disasters the world has ever seen.

  1. Squid Game: The Challenge

Were you also among those people who watched Squid Game and thought how weird would it be if all of this happened in real life too? What if we told you it actually did happen in real life and there’s a show about it? That’s right, all you need to do is watch Squid Game: The Challenge which is a real-life interpretation of whatever happened in the global sensation show.

However, in case you fail the penalty isn’t death this time. There were a lot of injuries on the show but that didn’t stop the show from being as amazing as it was. People actually enjoyed being a part of the show and the audience was at the edge of their seats as well. Instead of being a show, this was more of a reality show and the emerging winner was to be given a cash prize at the end of the competition.

  1. Beckham

When we say “everyone’s favorite handsome hunk who’s also a soccer player” we are obviously talking about David Beckham. Very recently, there was a biopic released on Netflix about the life of David Beckham, how he started off playing soccer, and how he eventually rose to fame in the process.

The biopic also talks about his married life and there is a lot of mention about how there were a lot of consequences and controversies after Beckham started getting famous. The show gives you an idea of how even celebrities have their own set of problems even though one might think that everything would be perfect for them.

If you are someone who is a fan of soccer and follows Beckham as a fashion idol, then you definitely need to watch Beckham on Netflix so that you can join in on the bandwagon as well!

  1. The Crown

The Crown very recently got its sixth and final season as it brilliantly showcased the story of Princess Diana of Wales. It also laid emphasis on the reign of Queen Elizabeth and how things were seemingly beautiful for Princess Diana despite her beautiful heart and eccentric personality.

The show gave a depiction of the Princess’ death and how the news even overshadowed the Queen herself, because of how much everyone loved Princess Diana.

If you want a good dive into the life of Princess Diana and her unfortunate demise, then you must watch The Crown for a hands-on experience. Once you are done with it, you can see for yourself how amazing the show was and why fans all over the world loved it.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is always everyone’s go-to platform when they are looking for something intriguing to watch. The next time you find yourself to be profoundly bored, make sure you consult this list and then head to Netflix to watch something!