Meet The 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023: Rising Stars of Business!

Are you prepared to be motivated by the remarkable success tales of the Philippines’ top businesspeople in 2023? In addition to leaving their stamp on the corporate world, these forward-thinking leaders have also changed industries, produced jobs, and boosted the economy.

Prepare to set out on an inspirational adventure as we explore the accomplishments, difficulties, and victories of these exceptional people who have carved out a name for themselves as trailblazers in the Philippine business world.

So, buckle in and get ready to be impressed by the remarkable travels of the Philippines’ most prosperous businesspeople in 2023. Learn the tactics and abilities of these great businesses in this article and be inspired by the tales of the Greatest businesses in the Philippines in 2023.

Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

The Top 10 Most Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs are listed below.


Name of the Entrepreneurs


1Henry SyShoe Mart
2Tony Tan CaktiongJollibee Foods
3Socorro RamosNational Book Store
4John Gokongwei Jr.J.G. Holdings
5Edgar SiaMang Inasal
6Mariano QueMercury Drug
7Cresida TueresGreenwich Pizza
8Cecilio Kwok PedroLamoiyan Corporation
9Alfredo M YaoZest-O
10Gregorio G Sanchez JrLactoPAFI

1. Henry Sy (Shoe Mart)

Henry Sy, a trailblazing businessman who is referred to as the “Father of Philippine Retail,” established the Shoe Mart (SM) Group, one of the country’s leading retail companies. Sy, who was born in Xiamen, China, in 1924, went to the Philippines in the 1930s and began his business career by hawking wartime supplies.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

Sy started his retail empire in 1958 when he built the first Shoe Mart location in Manila. He gradually expanded his company into a number of retail marketplaces, including malls, department shops, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. Sy’s firm reached new heights thanks to his innovative leadership and unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

In addition to his financial success, Sy was renowned for his social work. He supported healthcare and education programs in the Philippines and donated to a number of charitable organizations. Aspiring businesspeople in the Philippines and elsewhere are still motivated by his legacy.

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2. Tony Tan Caktiong (Jollibee Foods)

The “Jollibee Man,” Tony Tan Caktiong, is a well-known businessman who established the Jollibee Foods Corporation, a multinational fast-food chain that has gained notoriety in the Philippines. Tan Caktiong, who was born in the Chinese province of Fujian in 1953, migrated to the Philippines with his family in search of better chances.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

Tan Caktiong founded Jollibee, a little ice cream shop, with his family in Quezon City, Philippines, in 1975. Tan Caktiong developed his company into a full-fledged fast-food chain because of his clear vision and dedication to offering tasty food and top-notch customer service. He infused his cuisine offerings with Filipino flavors and cultural ideals, which connected with the locals and proved to be a prescription for success.

3. Socorro Ramos (National Book Store)

In the Philippines, Socorro Ramos, better known as Nanay Coring, is a well-known businesswoman who is most known for founding the National Book Store. Socorro Ramos began her business career with modest beginnings after being born in a small hamlet in Tayabas, Quezon province.

During the Japanese rule of the Philippines in 1942, she started her company by selling textbooks and school supplies out of a modest stand in Escolta, Manila. The success of Nanay Coring may be ascribed to her astute business judgment, client-centered philosophy, and dedication to offering reasonably priced and high-quality goods.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

She has also garnered various medals and distinctions for her services to the Philippine retail business, including the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young Philippines in 2004. Socorro Ramos is still actively involved in the running of the National Book Store and supports numerous humanitarian initiatives despite her accomplishments

4. John Gokongwei Jr. (J.G. Holdings)

John Gokongwei Jr., often known as “Big John,” was a well-known businessman and philanthropist. He formed J.G. Holdings, a conglomerate with holdings in a variety of markets, including food, retail, real estate, aviation, telecommunications, and more. John Gokongwei Jr. was born in Fujian, China, and moved to the Philippines with his family when he was 13 years old to begin a new life.

His founding of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), which is today one of the biggest and most prosperous food and beverage companies in the Philippines and is known for its well-known brands like Jack ‘n Jill, C2, and Robina Farms, is one of his most famous accomplishments.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

He was honored with various accolades, including the Ramon V. del Rosario Award for Nation Building and the Management Association of the Philippines’ Management Man of the Year award, in recognition of his contributions to the business world.

5. Edgar Sia (Mang Inasal)

The founder of the wildly popular Mang Inasal chain, Edgar “Injap” Sia II, is a true example of the effectiveness of tenacity and creativity. Sia, who comes from a lowly family in Iloilo, the Philippines, launched his first Mang Inasal location when he was 20 years old in Iloilo City.

Sia’s relentless drive and astute business sense let Mang Inasal soar to success despite obstacles and rivalry. Sia’s distinctive approach to the Filipino cooking culture is the key to his success. By developing the idea of “Inasal,” which refers to the conventional technique of grilling chicken with a distinctive marinade, he transformed the fast-food market.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

People responded favorably to Sia’s idea of offering inexpensive, delectable, traditional Filipino food in a casual dining atmosphere, which sparked Mang Inasal’s quick growth throughout the Philippines. Mang Inasal is now a well-known brand with hundreds of restaurants around the country and even abroad.

6. Mariano Que (Mercury Drug)

Mercury Drug, the biggest chain of pharmacies in the nation, was founded by Mariano Que. During World War II, Que began selling medicines from a pushcart to support his family, which sparked his business zeal. Que went on to start Mercury Drug in 1945 with a strong sense of commitment and a desire for offering top-notch healthcare.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

The key to Que’s success has been her persistent dedication to both innovation and client service. He provided a large variety of reasonably priced generic medications, pioneered the idea of self-service in pharmacies, and placed a premium on offering clients individualized attention.

7. Cresida Tueres (Greenwich Pizza)

Cresida Tueres, also known as “Cressy,” is a successful businesswoman from the Philippines who has revolutionized the food market with her outstanding entrepreneurship abilities. She is the driving force behind the well-known fast-food business Greenwich Pizza, which has become well-known throughout the Philippines.

The secret to Tueres’ success has been her love of cuisine and her acute understanding of the Filipino palate. Greenwich Pizza is now a dominant force in the cutthroat food sector thanks to Tueres’ constant dedication to quality, innovation, and customer happiness.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

Numerous prizes and distinctions have been bestowed upon her in recognition of her commitment to excellence and capacity to change with the times, cementing her position as a trailblazer in the corporate world.

8. Cecilio Kwok Pedro (Lamoiyan Corporation)

César Kwok Pedro is a brilliant businessman who has had a big impact on the personal care sector. Pedro, the creator of the Lamoiyan Corporation, has effectively established a corporate empire founded on his unwavering social entrepreneurial values.

Pedro founded Lamoiyan Corporation with a vision to offer premium dental care products at competitive rates while fostering employment possibilities for individuals with disabilities. Pedro was motivated by his own experiences as a person with a disability.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

Pedro’s unrelenting dedication to his vision has helped Lamoiyan Corporation become a reputable brand not just in the Philippines but also in other markets despite the numerous obstacles he has faced. He has received countless honors and recognition for his support of inclusion, creativity, and social responsibility, making him a great example to aspiring business owners.

9. Alfredo M Yao (Zest-O)

The “Juice King of the Philippines,” Alfredo M. Yao, is a very prosperous businessman and the creator of Zest-O Corporation. Alfredo had modest beginnings and began by hawking fruit juices on the streets of Manila, Philippines. However, he turned his little juice store into a multimillion-dollar corporation with his unyielding tenacity and entrepreneurial zeal.

The secret to Alfredo’s success is his creative thinking and sharp business sense. Aseptic packaging, which increased the shelf life of fruit juices and provided Zest-O a competitive edge in the market, was an innovation he pioneered in the Philippines.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

Today, Zest-O is one of the top producers of fruit juice in the nation, offering a variety of products and having a significant presence both domestically and abroad. In addition to his commercial success, Alfredo is renowned for his charitable work.

10. Gregorio G Sanchez Jr (LactoPAFI)

As “Mr. Dairyman,” Gregorio G. Sanchez Jr. is a well-known businessman who founded the LactoPAFI dairy farming and processing enterprise in the Philippines. Gregorio’s path to success began with a modest farm and a few cows, but with dedication, tenacity, and creativity, he built LactoPAFI into a dominant force in the dairy sector.

The reason for Gregorio’s success is his intense love for agriculture and his commitment to improving the lot of Filipino farmers. He invested in cutting-edge processing facilities, adopted contemporary agricultural methods, and introduced premium dairy products to the marketplace.

10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Philippines 2023

Along with his business successes, Gregorio is renowned for his lobbying work to advance farmer welfare and the Philippines’ agriculture industry. He has actively participated in a number of initiatives and programs aimed at empowering farmers, giving them access to resources and information, and promoting sustainable agricultural methods.


The Philippines’ Top Businesspeople in 2023 have not only achieved remarkable success but have also made lasting impacts on their industries and communities. From Henry Sy’s pioneering retail empire to the innovative spirit of Tony Tan Caktiong and the philanthropic endeavors of these entrepreneurs, their journeys are truly inspiring.

These trailblazers exemplify the power of determination, creativity, and a commitment to excellence in the world of business, setting an example for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Their stories are a testament to what can be achieved with vision, hard work, and a passion for making a difference.