Top 10 Best Anime For Beginners On Netflix- Beginners Guide To Anime Journey!

Are you new to the world of anime and looking for a great starting point? Look no further than Netflix, where a treasure trove of captivating and beginner-friendly anime series awaits. In this article, we will guide you through a curated list of the best anime shows available on Netflix that are perfect for beginners.

Anime, with its unique storytelling and vibrant animation, has gained immense popularity worldwide. However, diving into the vast sea of anime can be overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with the genre. That’s why we have carefully selected a range of titles that offer a variety of genres and themes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Top 10 Best Anime For Beginners On Netflix

From the gripping action of “Attack on Titan” to the mind-bending suspense of “Death Note,” these series will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re in the mood for supernatural powers and epic battles, “My Hero Academia” and “One Punch Man” are sure to deliver. For those seeking heartfelt stories and emotional journeys, “Your Lie in April” and “Haikyu!!” will tug at your heartstrings.

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man” follows the story of Saitama, a seemingly ordinary man who becomes a superhero for fun. Despite his unassuming appearance, Saitama possesses immense strength and can defeat any opponent with a single punch. However, he grows bored and disillusioned with his overwhelming power as he yearns for a challenging fight.

Alongside his cyborg disciple Genos, Saitama joins the Hero Association to protect the city from various monsters and villains. As they face increasingly powerful adversaries, Saitama’s struggle to find fulfillment and recognition as a hero unfolds, showcasing a blend of action, comedy, and introspection in this critically acclaimed anime series.

2. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan” is set in a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, forced to live behind enormous walls to protect themselves from giant humanoid creatures known as Titans. The story follows Eren Yeager, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert as they join the fight against the Titans.

When a colossal Titan breaches the walls, Eren discovers a mysterious power that allows him to transform into a Titan himself. As they uncover dark secrets about the Titans and the truth behind their existence, the trio becomes entangled in a desperate battle for survival and the fate of humanity.

3. Haikyu!!

Haikyu!!” follows the journey of Shoyo Hinata, a determined and energetic high school student with a passion for volleyball. Despite his short stature, Hinata dreams of becoming a top volleyball player and joins the Karasuno High School volleyball team. Alongside his teammates, including the talented setter Tobio Kageyama, Hinata faces formidable opponents and strives to prove his worth on the court.

Through intense training, fierce matches, and unwavering teamwork, the Karasuno team aims to reach the national championships and become the best in Japan. With its dynamic characters, thrilling matches, and themes of perseverance and friendship, “Haikyu!!” serves up an exhilarating sports anime experience.

4. Death Note

Death Note” follows the story of Light Yagami, a brilliant high school student who discovers a mysterious notebook known as the Death Note. With the power to kill anyone whose name is written on it, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of criminals and create a utopia.

As he assumes the identity of the vigilante known as Kira, the world becomes captivated by his actions. However, his pursuit of justice catches the attention of the enigmatic detective L, who is determined to uncover Kira’s true identity. A thrilling game of cat and mouse ensues, blurring the lines between justice and morality.

5. Lookism

Lookism” tells the story of Daniel Park, a high school student who faces constant bullying and discrimination due to his unattractive appearance. However, everything changes when he mysteriously wakes up in the body of a handsome and popular boy named Jae Yeol. With his newfound looks, Daniel experiences a stark contrast in how people treat him.

As he navigates the dual lives of his original self and his attractive alter ego, Daniel begins to uncover the harsh realities of society’s obsession with appearance. Through his journey, he learns valuable lessons about self-acceptance, empathy, and the true meaning of beauty.

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6. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen” centers around Yuji Itadori, a high school student with impressive physical abilities. When he comes into contact with a cursed talisman, he inadvertently becomes the host of Ryomen Sukuna, a powerful curse. To protect others from Sukuna’s malevolence, Yuji enrolls in Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, a school that trains sorcerers to combat curses.

Alongside his classmates, including the skilled and enigmatic Megumi Fushiguro and the cheerful Nobara Kugisaki, Yuji embarks on dangerous missions to exorcise curses and uncover the secrets of the jujutsu world. As he faces formidable enemies and grapples with his own inner demons, Yuji’s journey becomes a thrilling and emotional battle for survival.

7. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer” follows the journey of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy whose life is turned upside down when his family is brutally slaughtered by demons, and his sister, Nezuko, is transformed into a demon herself. Determined to avenge his family and find a cure for Nezuko, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps, an organization dedicated to eradicating demons and protecting humanity.

Alongside his fellow Demon Slayers, Tanjiro trains rigorously to master his swordsmanship skills and unlock his own potential. As they face powerful demons and uncover the secrets of their existence, Tanjiro’s quest for justice and redemption unfolds in a world filled with darkness and supernatural battles.

8. One Piece

One Piece” follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with a dream of finding the ultimate treasure known as the One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. Alongside his diverse crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy sets sail on the Grand Line, a treacherous and mysterious sea filled with powerful enemies and legendary treasures.

Throughout their journey, they encounter other pirates, marines, and unique individuals with their own dreams and ambitions. As they navigate through perilous seas, uncover ancient mysteries, and forge unbreakable bonds, Luffy and his crew strive to protect their friends, pursue their dreams, and uncover the truth behind the world’s greatest secrets.

9. SpyXFamily

Spy x Family” follows the story of Twilight, a skilled spy who must create a fake family to infiltrate a prestigious academy. He adopts Anya, a telepathic girl, and convinces Yor, an assassin seeking a normal life, to be his wife. As they navigate their roles, hilarious and heartwarming situations arise.

Twilight balances his dangerous missions with fatherhood, Yor tries to leave her violent past behind, and Anya hides her abilities. Secrets unravel, bonds strengthen, and the unconventional family learns the true meaning of love and protection. With its blend of action, comedy, and heartfelt moments, “Spy x Family” is a captivating and entertaining series.

10. Naruto

Naruto” tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja with a dream of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. Born with a powerful and dangerous fox spirit sealed within him, Naruto faces rejection and loneliness from his fellow villagers. Determined to prove himself, Naruto trains tirelessly and forms bonds with his teammates, Sasuke and Sakura, as they navigate the challenges of ninja life.

Along their journey, they encounter powerful enemies, uncover dark conspiracies, and learn valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the true meaning of being a ninja. Naruto’s path to becoming a legendary ninja unfolds with thrilling battles, emotional moments, and a quest for acceptance and recognition.


So, grab your remote, immerse yourself in these captivating series, and let the world of anime unfold before your eyes. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, emotion, and a newfound appreciation for the art of anime. Happy watching!