Ooty’s 9 Best Offbeat Locations for the Curious Traveler for Unforgettable Experience!

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

Ooty, a stunning resort town tucked away in the Western Ghats, has been luring tourists with its alluring scenery for decades. This magnificent hill station offers a delightful escape to lush green landscapes, misty mountains, and charming colonial-era architecture. It is nestled among the picturesque Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to this tranquil town, check out this carefully prepared schedule of the best things to do in Ooty in 2 days. The historic atmosphere of Ooty will entice history aficionados, while the breathtaking views will calm the souls of all nature lovers and honeymooners.

In fact, Ooty is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India because of its incredible beauty and comfortable environment. This well-liked getaway in South India, which is popular both in the summer and the winter, has a wealth of fascinating tourist attractions.

Popular 9 Best Places to Visit in Ooty

Ooty, a stunning hill town in the Nilgiris, is a well-liked vacation destination all year round. It has something for everyone, from stunning natural scenery and tumbling waterfalls to tea farms and museums. The must-see and most intriguing locations in Ooty are listed here.

1. Botanical Garden

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

The Government Botanical Garden is Ooty’s top tourist destination and one of the oldest heritage gardens in the nation and the world. What began as a vegetable patch in 1848 to serve the locals with fresh vegetables was eventually transformed into a public garden.

The Botanical Garden, which spans 22 hectares, is home to hundreds of plant species from all over the world, including succulents. Plants with vibrant flowers, houseplants, plantation crops, trees, and more. The Botanical Garden is unquestionably one of the top attractions in Ooty and caters to all age groups.

2. Rose Garden

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

Rose Garden, a younger relative of the Botanical Garden, is devoted to the cultivation of roses. Aside from perennial plants, the garden is decorated with hundreds of different rose kinds. It goes without saying that the embellished vantage points and towering balconies provide plenty of photo possibilities for tourists. During the blossoming season, the garden rivals Kashmir’s Rose Garden as an absurd heaven.

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3. Ooty Lake and Boathouse

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

The most well-known attraction in the town is Ooty Lake, which is conveniently situated. The man-made lake, which covers 65 acres, was initially utilized for fishing. It is now a popular spot for boats and day picnics and is enjoyable for people of all ages. One of the most well-liked attractions in Ooty is the gorgeous lake, which is surrounded by eateries and gift shops.

One of your most treasured experiences will be a morning or late-night stroll or bicycle tour around the lake road. Your senses will be soothed unlike anything other by the serene atmosphere, the sight of the shimmering waters, and the sound of chirping birds.

4. Thread Garden

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

A less well-known Thread Garden is directly across from Ooty Lake. The idea for this unusual garden came from Antony Joseph of Kerala, who constructed it over the course of 12 years without the use of any technology. In this garden, every flower, leaf, and stem is made of thread.

The main exceptions are boulders or clay-based pots. Additionally, it retains the record for using the most thread—roughly 6 crore meters—to create flowers and plants. This is a fantastic educational location and ought to be on your list of the best attractions in Ooty because it might soon break a world record.

5. Government Tea Garden

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

Everyone enjoys visiting tea gardens since they are lively places. The largest government-owned tea estate in Ooty is this one. You might get stunning views of this charming hill station by hiking to the upper slopes.

The admission ticket is all you need to present to them. Tea leaves, sweets, clothing, and other mementos are also available here for purchase. To enter the tea factory for free, keep your admittance sticker.

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6. Doddabetta Chocolate and Tea Factory

The tourist-friendly Doddabetta Tea Factory is located around 3 miles from the Government Tea Garden. The entire tea-making process is displayed during a tour of the factory, from the collection of the tea leaves to the packing of the finished product.

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

A modest museum with information on the history of tea and intriguing cultural details is also located inside the facility. The tour of the tea factory comes to a conclusion with a free cup of tea, and signs point you in the direction of the nearby Chocolate Factory.

You will undoubtedly be tempted to purchase some chocolates by their aroma and diversity because no mortal has ever claimed, “I don’t like chocolates.” Considering the intense crowds inside confined places, your visit to these industries will last less than an hour.

7. Wenlock Downs Nature Trail

The moniker “shooting point” was given to this location because it was used in various movies. Wenlock Downs is a tranquil location with miles of tranquil greenery and luscious farmlands all around. As the Sun changes the hues of the horizon, feel the breeze on your face.

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

Compared to other areas of Ooty, Shooting Point is less crowded and has a plastic-free policy. It’s little wonder that it piqued the interest of filmmakers; here, classic films like Raja Hindustani were filmed. The vistas on Shooting Point resemble Windows Wallpaper. Examine it for yourself.

8. Pine Forest

Pine Forest, which is run by Muthu Nadu Mund Eco Development Committee, is a naturalist’s paradise. The grandeur of this breathtaking location is summed up by the old pine trees, the bizarre natural lake in the center of the forest, and the eerie silence that is only interrupted by tourists.

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

Do you recall the popular 2002 film Raaz starring Bipasha Basu? So here is where the forest scene was filmed. I hope you’re not scared by this. Pine Forest should be on your list of entertaining and interesting locations to visit in Ooty. Kilbury Forest, which is close to Nainital, comes in second place only to Ooty’s Pine Forest.

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9. Pykara Falls

A stunning flat waterfall named Pykara Falls is located on the Ooty Mysore road around 21 kilometers from Ooty. The river flows majestically down in the last two flows as it passes through high areas. Pykara Falls are the final two falls, measuring 55 and 61 meters respectively.

Ooty's 9 Best Offbeat Locations

The area is well-liked for day trips and picnics since it provides pleasant views of nature in its pristine state. When the water level rises during monsoon season, boating is allowed. 50 stairs are required to reach the waterfall where you may take in the blustery conditions and breathtaking scenery.