NYT Crossword Puzzle for September 8, 2023: To Help You Finish It Up!

Below is the complete solution for the crossword puzzle from the NY Times published on September 8, 2023. The order of appearance for each clue is followed.


Grouch CRAB
Unintelligible CLEARASMUD
Portrayer of Paolo Gucci in 2021’s “House of Gucci” LETO
Pasta whose name derives from the Italian for “little cakes” TORTELLINI
Regarding ASTO
Ones getting some dinner “specials” EARLYBIRDS
___ hours WEE
Seeing red MAD
Olympians score points with their points EPEES
Beyhive, for Beyoncé, or ARMY, for BTS FANDOM
Skip it! ROPE
“‘Fraid not, laddie” NAE
Alphabetize, e.g. ORDER
___ Men, 2000 Grammy winners for Best Dance Recording BAHA
Always at the drugstore? PADS
“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when clearly it is ___”: Arthur C. Clarke OCEAN
Torrent INRUSH
It’s awful, awful, awful THELITERALWORST
“Not quite yet” INABIT
Tail off, as a storm ABATE
German swimmer Kristin, who won six gold medals at the Seoul Olympics OTTO
Their contracts may be board-certified, in brief CEOS
Pulled behind TOWED
Identity for someone who may prefer platonic relationships, informally ARO
Alphabetize, e.g. SORT
Swinger at a burlesque show TASSEL
Word with set, put or “and so” FORTH
Longtime weekly companion of Ebony magazine JET
Return specialist, for short CPA
Seal of approval IMPRIMATUR
“Little piggies” TOES
One-a-day, for Dunaway SPOONERISM
Remains here? URNS
Led a difficult team, metaphorically HERDEDCATS
X, as in Ximenes? BESO

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With 57-Down, old-fashioned bathroom fixture CLAWFOOT
Fact-check, e.g. RESEARCH
One who’s coming and going ATTENDEE
Scare quote? BOO
J.V. benchwarmers CTEAM
Bundle LOAD
Go off ERR
Hartsfield-Jackson airport code ATL
Margret and H. A. ___, co-authors of the “Curious George” books REY
“Three Tall Women” playwright ALBEE
Indulge in a former vice ? for this once SLIP
Hormonal IUD available since 2000 MIRENA
Zombielike UNDEAD
Puts down DISSES
“Nice to see ya today!” MORNIN
“What’s the ___?” DEALIO
Rampaged RANRIOT
“Well, darn it!” OHRATS
Apostle with many epistles PAUL
Singer with the #1 hits “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” BIEBER
Moon that orbits Mars about three times each Martian day PHOBOS
Attempt to smush, as a fly SWATAT
It may be ordered al pastor TACO
Figure that’s not weighted RAWSCORE
Becomes increasingly inclined STEEPENS
TV character who said “Heck, you could fill two internets with what I don?t know about football” TEDLASSO
___ l’oeil TROMPE
Sluggishness TORPOR
You might take one to a new friend SHINE
Provisions TERMS
Stomped (on) TROD
Word that can make a big ask seem smaller JUST
Rx pickup MED
Aunt, in Andalusia TIA
See 1-Down TUB

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