NYT Crossword Puzzle for September 11, 2023: Check Answers and Explanations!

Below is the complete solution for the NY Times crossword puzzle from September 11, 2023.


___ cheese (cheese that isn’t yours, in a classic joke) NACHO
Camera type, in brief SLR
Chef Ming ___, whose last name is hidden in “condiments aisle” TSAI
Was sore ACHED
Layer of paint COAT
Going ___ (squabbling) ATIT
*What might be kneaded in the kitchen BREAD DOUGH
Abstract artist Joan MIRO
Satirizes SENDS UP
In a spooky manner EERILY
Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500 RACES
A tough ___ to swallow PILL
Physicist Einstein ALBERT
Taken care of, on an invoice stamp PAID
Savings plan option, for short IRA
Poke fun at TEASE
Lacking originality TRITE
Many a Scott Joplin tune RAG
Pants holder-upper BELT
Flights of fancy WHIMS
Pioneer in digital recording TIVO
Certain knee tissue, for short ACL
Obtains GAINS
___ tag (game with target vests) LASER
The focus of many an engagement photo RING
One named “Queen of Tejano Music” SELENA
Death notice, in brief OBIT
Bone-in cut of lamb, e.g. SHANK
Los Estados ___ (the U.S., in Spanish) UNIDOS
Performing a play, say ONSTAGE
Grumpy mood SNIT
*Person to keep an eye on for future success UP-AND-COMER
Smooch KISS
Word after tall or tell TALE
Surrounded by AMONG
Teensy ITTY
Foxy SLY
Green pasta sauce PESTO

The order of appearance for each clue is followed. Open the hint link to see all of our potential solutions if the answers below don’t solve a certain puzzle. The crossword puzzles from the New York Times are entertaining and hard to solve. The Daily Puzzle might be extremely difficult to solve at times.


Apt rhyme for “grabs” NABS
Parcel of land ACRE
Olympic figure skater Nathan CHEN
Adjustable part of a car seat HEADREST
“It’s likely that ?” ODDSARE
Check (out), like competition SCOPE
Singer Rawls or Reed LOU
Craze RAGE
Ethnic group of Sri Lanka TAMIL
Classic Maya Angelou poem ? or a hint to the answers to the starred clues and the circled letters, in two different ways STILLIRISE
Well-ventilated AIRY
“Who am ___ judge?” ITO
A truly unpleasant situation THEPITS
Word before tape or after tear DUCT
Be a passenger RIDE
Mattress coils SPRINGS
Chance to hit, in baseball ATBAT
Bloodsucking parasite LEECH
*One being propelled by hot air BALLOONIST
Prepares to shoot a target AIMS
Black bird RAVEN
Ancient Greek marketplace AGORA
Slender THIN
Do nothing during the course of, as a storm WAITOUT
“I’m listening” TALKTOME
Part of a crossword that gets filled in GRID
Protective cover for a camera LENSCAP
Beach grit SAND
Teensy BITSY
What catches more flies than vinegar, in a saying HONEY
Cup or pint UNIT
Places for peels or scrubs SPAS
Singer Tori AMOS
Proper fellow GENT
“Cogito, ___ sum” ERGO
Hit the slopes SKI
Everyone or everything ALL

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