NYT Crossword Answers and Insights for 19 October: Uncover the Solutions and Explanations

The NY Times crossword problem for October 19, 2023, the complete solution may be seen below. Colin Ernst wrote this problem, and Will Shortz revised it.


___ no good UPTO
Shelfmate of Chips Ahoy! and Oreo NILLA
Actor Abe VIGODA
Give quite a shock STUN
Bolt at great speed? USAIN
Group in a roundup HERD
Knowledgeable, with “in” CLUED
Hit film whose narrator humorously remarks “Thanks to [her], all problems of feminism and equal rights have been solved” BARBIE
Did some metalworking on ANNEALED
French automaker CITROEN
Tent with smoke flaps, in an anglicized spelling TEEPEE
Derbies, e.g. RACES
Longtime sneakers brand KEDS
Column style DORIC
Hasn’t been hoodwinked by ISONTO
___ Claus MRS
Food regimens DIETS
Counterfeit coins SLUGS
Senate majority leader during most of Obama’s presidency REID
Pyramid ___ SCHEME
Space chimp of 1961 ENOS
One hanging around a kennel? IDTAG
Britain’s historic Lady ___ ASTOR
Broadway’s ___-Manuel Miranda LIN
Egyptian temple site KARNAK
Bother EATAT
“___ a fool not to!” IDBE
Insurance or tax figures RATES
California o Nueva York ESTADO
Certain volleyball players SETTERS
It has reading assignments BOOKCLUB
“Yoo-hoo! This way!” INHERE
Modern-day sort of provocateur TROLL
Golfer’s target HOLE
Equally quickly ASFAST
What’s found in the center of a prune? LONGU
Prefix with -scopy ENDO
High-end fashion house HERMES
End notes? CODAS
Like a quilt SEWN


Makes things more interesting UPSTHEANTE
Was visibly embarrassed TURNEDRED
Taken into account? ONDEPOSIT
Cellular centers NUCLEI
Tropical resort locale, maybe ISLE
Praise LAUD
Risky thing to do in an affidavit LIE
“What happened next?” AND
Musicians that play with mallets VIBISTS
___ the kill INAT
Risk it all GOFORBROKE
Partner of cut DRIED
Religious agreements? AMENS
___ Lingus AER
100 yrs. CEN
Make things more interesting RAISETHESTAKES
Hearst mag COSMO
Round items in square cases CDS
Flamenco dancer’s cry OLE
Internal review, for short? MRI
“Sorry, my schedule’s packed” ICANT
Opens, as some doors UNLATCHES
Ditch assistance GOITALONE
You might provide the “last four” of this, in brief SSN
Territory divided into two states: Abbr. DAK
How English poets wrote previously? ERE
Top-floor spaces GARRETS
Univ. staffers RAS
Greek god of the winds AEOLUS
Finger-wagging accompaniment TSK
Basketball great Thomas ISIAH
Mentally slow DENSE
Risk it all BETTHEFARM
Gamble boldly, in a way – or a hint to the answers to this puzzle’s italicized clues DOUBLEDOWN
Language akin to Manx ERSE
Get tight (with) BOND
Apparel competitor of Playtex OLGA
Special attention, in brief TLC
Critter that grows by leaps and bounds? ROO


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