NYT Crossword Answer 10 October: Check Answers And Explanations

The complete answer to the NY Times October 10, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

Cheeky talk SASS
 Yearbook superlativeMOST
Sick of, with “with”FEDUP
Luau performanceHULA
 Trade showEXPO
 Chicken ___ (Filipino dish)ADOBO
 The H or O in H2OATOM
 Stereotypical techie or TrekkieGEEK
 Many MichelangelosNUDES
 *Gyrating performers at a nightclub GOGODANCERS
Valuable rock depositORE
Museum piecesART
Ready for dental work, sayNUMB
___ pal (female friend)GAL
 *2019 Taika Waititi film about a boy with an animal nickname JOJORABIT
Film’s story linePLOT
Captain in multiple Jules Verne novelsNEMO
Funny SilvermanSARAH
God, in IslamALLAH
Tolkien tree creaturesENTS
 Calif. school that’s home to the AztecsSDSU
*Walk the Dog and Around the World, e.g. YOYOTRICKS
___ chicken (spicy Jamaican fare)JERK
“? sorta”ISH
Smallest prime numberTWO
 *Hit 1925 musical that inspired the sequel “Yes, Yes, Yvette” NONONANETTE
Washing machine cycleRINSE
“Finished” on a walkie-talkieOVER
“___ and the Real Girl” (2007 Ryan Gosling film)LARS
 Lacking skillINEPT
“It’s a ___!”DATE
 Summer coolersICES
Flat-topped hillsMESAS
 “Frozen” character who says “You can’t marry a man you just met” ELSA
 Affectionate sign-off ? or a pattern hinting at the starts of the answers to the six starred cluesXOXO

Vertical Clues-

 Layered haircut SHAG
Kind of insuranceAUTO
 Tedious trudgeSLOG
Apia’s countrySAMOA
Measure of explosive force that sounds like a weightMEGATON
Plow-pulling animalsOXEN
Blueprint detailSPEC
Joint hit TOKE
 Foreign films translated and captioned by enthusiastsFANSUBS
School email address enderEDU
*Extinct creatures of MauritiusDODOBIRDS
Lyft competitorUBER
Something a model strikesPOSE
Nickname for N.B.A. great ErvingDRJ
 Genetic messengerRNA
Degrees held by many C.E.O.sMBAS
A 3.0 one is a BGPA
Any member of NATO, to anotherALLY
 *Olympian who competed as both a hurdler (2008 and 2012) and a bobsledder (2014)LOLOJONES
Boo loudlyJEER
 Upscale hotel chainOMNI
Campus military org.ROTC
 Zap with a stun gunTASE
Actor DiggsTAYE
 Shade of colorHUE
Stinging waspsHORNETS
Vail or Aspen SKIAREA
Certain boxing win, for shortTKO
Nine-digit IDSSN
Corkscrew shapeHELIX
Quick haircutTRIM
Rhyming partner of “dine”WINE
Lymph ___NODE
Presidential office shapeOVAL
They might be cut down after basketball victoriesNETS
Hand-held Tex-Mex foodTACO
Fierce, short-armed dinoTREX
“Put a tiger in your tank” gas brandESSO
Pampering placeSPA