Apex Legends Season 18: The Epic Release Date Revealed!

The release date for season 18 of Apex Legends is no longer so distant. With Season 17 of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale nearing its conclusion, it is once again time to consider what the future may contain.

There are many things about the upcoming season about which we cannot be certain, but we can speculate on many others. We will discuss the Apex Legends season 18 release date, as well as all verified and rumored content for that season.

Season 18 Release Date

Season 18 of Apex Legends will commence on August 8, 2023. This will terminate at the conclusion of the Season 17 battle pass. This season will presumably have no break between seasons, as is typical for Apex. Keep in mind, however, that no delays cannot be guaranteed, so it is possible that this date will be off.

Season 18 story

apex season 18 release date

Season 17’s Kill Code missions have manifested a number of intriguing plot points. There’s a good chance that this particular strand will continue into Season 18 and provide insight into the show’s plot. Kill Code has adopted a dual approach to the game’s narrative.

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Kill Code Trailers

First, we have the Kill Code trailers. Part One made its debut on July 17. This trailer depicts Loba, Lifeline, and Mad Maggie infiltrating a Salvo installation in quest of Durado Silva information. They narrowly escape after partially downloading files from the mainframe inside. It appears that efforts are being made to track the enigmatic ongoing changes in the Outlands.

The Trailer for Kill Code Part Two Dropped on July 31

apex season 18 release date

This one is a continuation of the mission’s events. It confirms that the facility was indeed a Revenant factory, which Loba believed she had destroyed. As we observe primarily from the perspective of a detached Revenant’s eye, observing his various duplicates malfunctioning and portions of his backstory, we gain a better understanding of where this is headed. The team attempts to prevent Durado from obtaining Revenant’s human head, which commands the robotic copies, while a reborn Revenant begins to pursue them.

On August 3, 2023, a second trailer detailing the Apex Resurrection event for Revenant’s rebirth will be released.

Kill Code Missions

Alongside the trailers, we have a limited-time accessible mission within the game. In this mission, you’ll play as Loba, navigating the massive underground facility seen in the Part One trailer in pursuit of answers.

Spoilers if you have not yet completed the mission. At the conclusion of the mission, a type of stasis module is discovered. The interior of the module is vacant, but Loba appears distressed upon recognizing the technology and equipment. On the ground next to the pod, she discovers the remains of a mechanical cranium that is irreparably similar to the skull of the Revenant.

We are aware that Revenant is connected to this incident. The second trailer in particular has all but confirmed that the Revenant will be reworked for the upcoming season, as we explain in greater detail below.

Both the mission and trailers suggest a narrative thread that will likely continue into Season 18. We may not yet know the specifics of Season 18’s plot, but Kill Code suggests that events will intensify.

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Season 18 New Content

apex season 18 release date

There are two aspects of Season 18’s gameplay to contemplate. The first of these is the upcoming addition of new content to the game. We lack substantial confirmation for the majority of this.

Season 18 Battle Pass, Weapons, and Maps

Season 18 will include a brand-new battle pass that unlocks a variety of new costumes and cosmetics. This is the only new content about which we are currently certain. This battle pass will almost certainly include a multitude of new costumes for various legends. Given the relative prominence of the Neon Network event’s unlockable skins, we may see more skins that draw inspiration from this aesthetic.

Regarding new weapons, it is conceivable, but unlikely. Nemesis, the most recent weapon introduced by Respawn, was the first brand-new weapon added to the game in quite some time. This may indicate a future trend of increased gun prevalence. Far more likely, however, is that the developers will continue to calibrate and refine what is already in the game, as opposed to adding new weapons.

There have been no rumors about new maps thus far, and given that Respawn prefers to add content gradually and focus on refining what they already have, it seems more likely that this season will feature map revisions rather than new additions. However, there is still time for this assumption to be disproven.