Hunter X Hunter Creator Togashi Reveals Manga Ending: Emotional Rollercoaster!

Hunter X Hunter ending

Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for several months; however, such hiatuses are not unusual for the series. Ultimately, a number of Yoshihiro Togashi’s chronic health conditions require his attention. However, Hunter x Hunter continues to be referenced by the artist whenever feasible, given that the narrative continues. Fans are now in disbelief after the artist unveiled a possible conclusion for Hunter x Hunter.

This week, a segment from TV Asashi’s Iwakura and Yoshizumi will air on Hunter x Hunter, which provides startling information. In Japan, publications such as Model Press were notified by Togashi in advance regarding the episode and its message. It was there that supporters were informed of this potential Hunter x Hunter conclusion. Togashi did state that he wished to share the proposal in the event that the manga was never completed, but he does not mind seeing the series to its conclusion.

Hunter X Hunter ending

PewPiece, who translated the text, has provided the complete conclusion as revealed by Togashi below. The proposal is situated in the distant future, as Gon is designated as a grandfather, and additional descendants are alluded to. Overall, the conclusion appears tranquil as Togashi narrates a straightforward fishing scene. However, this conclusion will only be deemed formal in the event that Hunter x Hunter remains unfinished.

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Togashi Is Thinking About Four Different Ends

As per Togashi’s communication, he possesses four distinct conclusions in his consciousness; the one he disclosed is designated D. As such, the remaining three possible endings, A through C, remain on the table for him and are being withheld. Indeed, Togashi proceeds to assert that although he personally favors ending B, it is certain to encounter considerable disapproval from his audience. Therefore, Togashi may discover methods to incorporate ending B with his other pitches as Hunter x Hunter progresses.

Nonetheless, Hunter x Hunter does have a conclusion at this time. This impromptu denouement illustrates the potential conclusion of Togashi’s popular series in the absence of a fitting sendoff for the manga. Fans are naturally optimistic that the artist will be able to complete the series. Nevertheless, Togashi’s well-being takes precedence over everything else; therefore, Hunter x Hunter’s outcome is uncertain.

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Ending D:

“A girl named Jin, who is holding a fishing rod, remains motionless adjacent to the lake. An abrupt and intense tremor emanates from the rod, and Jin, astonished, proclaims, “I have him!” I obtained the lake deity! “As I had promised, I have successfully captured the lake lord!” she declares as she stands before a woman while deftly carrying the lake lord on her shoulders. mom!” Jin approaches the woman and vehemently demands, “You ought not to inform me once more.” “Wear yourself out as a hunter.”

With no remaining tactics, the woman nods her head. Jin departs while carrying the lake ruler on her shoulder. Jin’s mother confides in her spouse that her son intends to remain on the island indefinitely and succeed to their estate. The father concurs with a chuckle, while the mother articulates her dissent by stating, “Perhaps her inclinations will evolve in the future.” However, I am curious as to why you and Jin are acting this way. “It is certainly due to the blood of Noko and Mito, the grandmothers,”

Grandpa Noko and grandmother Mito are not biologically related, but the woman appears oblivious to this fact, while the father smiles knowingly. The woman further states, “However, grandfather Gon was a renowned hunter… and this girl will eventually depart the island,” despite her reluctance as a mother.

Jin is adamant that she will never depart! While no longer perceptible in the dense forest, she remains attentive to her parents’ discourse and delivers a defiant response. With amusement, the father remark, “You have a keen eye.”

The scene transitions to the shop continuing operations since the days of Mito. It has been meticulously trimmed and its internal components have been arranged. While working, Jin muses to herself, “My mother never comprehends. Grandmother Noko discreetly exits her seat as grandfather ecstatically recounts his recollections of his hunting days. Each time Grandpa Gon affirms something, someone expresses agreement with her viewpoint. She violently attacks the cutting board with a knife and exclaims, “I’m sick of this! It breaks my heart to wait for someone’s return after months or years of sorrow; therefore, I force someone to wait for me. I”. Following the door’s opening, a soothing voice reverberates. Entranced is a chubby infant carrying a plant.

“I have indeed caught the lake lord!” exclaims the child. “Let’s pay tribute to the entire island with that!” Jin responds, “I have always… always desired to be in the company of the individual I desire. collectively at all times!” The youngster affirms, “Yes!” While both are adorned with broad grins, they prepare the cuisine. As it departs the island, a bird soars over a town and its inhabitants. While residing in separate locations, the grandchildren of one of them, the son of another, and the daughter of another all exchange pleasantries. They are potentially the progeny and descendants of the aforementioned character. The avian takes flight high into the atmosphere.

A figure peers at the scene from the background.


Yoshihiro Togashi’s unexpected revelation of a potential conclusion for Hunter x Hunter has both intrigued and bewildered fans. The proposed ending, designated as Scenario D, paints a tranquil future with Gon as a grandfather and hints at a lineage of descendants. Togashi’s disclosure of four distinct conclusions, with only one unveiled, adds a layer of uncertainty to the series’ fate. As fans grapple with the prospect of Hunter x Hunter remaining unfinished, Togashi’s health remains a paramount concern, reminding everyone that the outcome of the manga is uncertain, dictated by both creative choices and the artist’s well-being.