Hyderabad Metro Rail Recruitment 2024: Apply Online for 59 Vacancies! 

Hyderabad Metro Rail is hiring team leaders, engineers, and train operators for the year 2024. Applications are being accepted from qualified individuals for the following roles in the Maintenance division: Team Leader, Engineer, Trainer Operator, Maintainer, and System Analyst. Keolis Hyderabad Mass Rapid Transit System Private Limited (Keolis Hyderabad).

Qualifications for Hyderabad Metro Rail Recruitment 2024:

Signalling Team Leader:

four to eight years’ minimum experience as a diploma engineer in the relevant maintenance of SIG, COM, and AFC. A diploma or graduate engineer with training in electronics, electrical, or communication is required.

Rolling Stock Team Leader:

Must be a certified graduate or diploma engineer with experience in mechanical, electrical, or electronics. a minimum of 4–8 years of experience working as an electrical or mechanical maintenance degree or diploma engineer. expertise operating in an industrial, rail, or metro setting with a strong technological foundation.

Rolling Stock Engineer:

Mechanical, electrical, and/or electronic engineering B. Tech. ought to be familiar with computer applications. One to two years of RAMS experience. Should possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Proficiency with MS Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and AutoCAD) for report preparation.

AFC / COM Maintainer: ITI/ Diploma Engineer

Mechanical, Electrical, Communication, and Electronics. At least 03 years experience.

Train Operator: Bachelor of Technology / Technical Diploma (Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics).

AFC / COM System Analyst:

Engineering graduate with a BE/B Tech in Computer Science (CSE), IT, or MCA and the necessary certifications for database management, networking, hardware, and software. five years or more of experience.

PSS Engineer: Qualified Graduate Engineer

Engineering in Electrical and Electronics. have more than two years of power system supply experience.

Team Leader for PSS:

Consideration would also be given to recent graduates in related engineering. A diploma or graduate degree in electrical engineering is required. At least 03 years experience.

Team Leader for MEP:

Diploma in Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Studies / Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Studies Degree. five to eight years of minimum related experience.

Storage Officer:

Engineering diploma in mechanical, electrical, or industrial. a minimum of three years experience working as a store officer in an industrial setting, with a lot of methods and on-site exposure experience.

Tracks Maintainer:

A diploma or ITI in civil, mechanical, electrical, or other engineering (for example, RGM operator). A minimum of five or two years experience as an ITI or diploma holder in the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering for track maintenance, or electrical engineering (for certain cases, such as RGM operator, etc.). It is desirable if you have experience working in an industrial or technically oriented rail or metro setting.

Tracks Team Leader:

Must possess a valid ITI or diploma in any technological field of study. a minimum of three years experience working as a store officer in an industrial setting, with at least two of those years spent primarily handling rolling stock on-site.