Where to Watch Fight to Survive Episodes? Streaming Guide and Scedules!

Fight to Survive is a brand-new reality television series that The CW and the Roku Channel are producing together. The new show, which is a component of a recent agreement between the CW and the Roku Channel, is hosted by Akbar Gbajabiamila of American Ninja Warrior.

Fight to Survive will be able to reach the broadest audience possible across broadcast and streaming thanks to the combination of the best of The CW and Roku Channel, according to Brad Schwartz, President of Entertainment, The CW Network, and Brian Tannenbaum, Head of Originals, Roku.

We will reach millions of fans in whole new ways by collaborating in all facets of distribution, marketing, press, and advertising for this breath-taking series. inform us How do I watch an episode of Fight to Survive? Schedule & Guide for Streaming.

What Is Fight to Survive About?

Where to Watch Fight to Survive

The show resembles a cross of Naked and Afraid, American Ninja Warrior, and Survivor. On a secluded tropical island for 25 days, seventeen competitors—including former contestants from all three of those programs—must contend with the elements, one another, and a number of challenging tasks.

The prize money is $250,000. The contestants compete against one another for vital supplies and tools in one of the most rigorous survivals of the fittest events ever broadcast on television. Fight to Survive is a brand-new reality competition series that has just premiered on The CW and the Roku Channel.

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How To Watch Fight to Survive Episodes? Streaming Guide

Akbar Gbajabiamila will serve as the host of the reality show. The CW claims that “a persistent storm tests the survivalists’ ability to stay dry and endure the chilly evenings. A rival is expelled from numerous shelters as “Team Fight” seeks retribution. Viewers need to sign up for a CW App or Roku account in order to stream Fight to Survive.

Where to Watch Fight to Survive

By making an account on the CW App for Roku, viewers can access a selection of movies, TV shows, and anime produced by different entertainment companies. While a CW App subscription is free, a Roku membership starts at just $29.99 per month.

Episode Guide for “Fight to Survive”

Episode 1: August 10th, Thursday: Survival of the Fittest: In order to win $250K, 17 competitors attempted to stay alive for 25 days on a remote island. Conflicts over the island’s natural resources exist. Alliances are made as Missy challenges “K” to a duel, and tensions rise.

Episode 2: August 17th, Thursday: The Storm: A relentless storm makes it more challenging to stay dry and endure the freezing nights. “Team Fight” seeks retaliation as one competitor is expelled from various shelters and left to fend for herself.


  • Episode 3: Thursday, August 24: This Is War
  • Episode 4: Thursday, August 31: TBA
  • Episode 5: Thursday, September 8: TBA
  • Episode 6: Thursday, September 15: TBA
  • Episode 7: Thursday, September 22: TBA
  • Episode 8: Thursday, September 29: TBA

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Cast Of the Show

A 30-year-old influencer on TikTok, YouTube, and Survivalist Chef is named Yuda Abitbol. She is an Oahu, Hawaii native. San Diego resident and survivalist Nathaniel Allenby, 38, is an avid outdoorsman. In season nine of Naked and Afraid, Amal Alyassiri, 38, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had an appearance.

Dani Beau, a 33-year-old star of Naked and Afraid seasons 4 and 14, as well as season 1 of Naked and Afraid XL, hails from Mercer, Maine. Missy Byrd, a participant from Denver, Colorado, is 27 years old and competing in season 39 of Survivor. The 25-year-old survivalist Robby Canton is from Colorado Springs, CO.

Where to Watch Fight to Survive

Canadian YouTube star and survivalist Matthew Clarke, 31, comes from the Yukon. From Honolulu, Hawaii, is 31-year-old Sarah Danser. She had appearances in Naked and Afraid: Lost at Sea, Naked and Afraid XL, and Naked and Ghosted throughout seasons 8 and 11. From Chicago, Illinois, Afften De Shazer, 35, made an appearance in season four of Naked and Afraid.