10 Web Series Like Panchayat: The Heartfelt Comedy Keeps its Unblemished Charm!

In popular movies and television shows, comedy has been reduced to crude language and unpleasant jokes. On various OTT platforms, several web series are however accessible that avoid these prejudices and instead elicit laughter through purely humorous actions.

For deepening the simplicity and relatability of the first season, Panchayat’s second season has received accolades. Panchayat is a TVF production that focuses on the residents of Phulera and how the new secretary of the panchayat adjusts to their way of life.

The allure of Panchayat, one of the best-received Indian originals on Amazon Prime Video, is in how it honors Uttar Pradesh’s culture rather than using ridicule. This list is your help if you enjoyed Panchayat and want to see more like it.

Watch these 7 Heart-Touching Indian TV Shows

Its strong familial and friendship bonds and celebration of rural culture are what make the program so endearing. This list is your guidance if you enjoyed Panchayat and want to watch similar series that are now streaming on Sony LIV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

1. Hostel Daze — Amazon Prime Video

This play, which was developed by the same group that gave us Panchayat, is one that most of us can identify with. The program, which is set in a college dorm, centers on the lives of four classmates as they navigate love, ambition, heartbreak, and everything in between. The show gets an 8.6 IMDb rating for its warmth and relatability.

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2. Permanent Roommates — Sony LIV

The title is a comedic take on how married couples must deal with the thought of being permanent housemates with their partners and is another fantastic production from the minds of Panchayat. A long-distance couple who must now consider getting married is at the center of the television series. They have been together for three years.

3. Laakhon Mein Ek — Amazon Prime Video

This gripping show’s two seasons focused on the inner lives of people who frequently lived within our own houses and just minutes away from us. Even though the topics chosen were serious—IIT preparations in the first season and anomalies in the medical industry in the second—the show’s fair handling of these problems made it enjoyable.

4. Kota Factory — Netflix

Books about test preparations of various kinds consistently feature among the best-selling titles on e-commerce platforms, which should come as no surprise to anyone researching the Indian youth. This television series, which depicts the many facets of India’s most trying test preparations, is driven by the character of Jitendra from Panchayat.

5. the Aam Aadmi Family — Sony LIV

Sony LIV took on the challenge after receiving accolades when streaming on YouTube. A typical middle-class family with infamous kids, loving but strict parents, and everything in between is the focus of the story.

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6. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare — Amazon Prime Video

What happens if your last name is that of a prominent politician? However, the figure portrayed by Zakir Khan would not simply move on with his life. He ends up making money off the shared surname, frequently to humorous results.

7. Gullak — Sony LIV

The majority of people who view this program from the producers of Panchayat adore it, as seen by its total IMDb rating of above 9. It earned rave reviews from critics who commended how expertly it captured the dynamics of a middle-class family with warmth and humor. It’s the ideal program to watch with the whole family on a lazy Sunday.

8. Tripling – Amazon Prime Video

No work, no hope after a divorce. Together, three siblings organize a road vacation. Chitvan, Chanchal, and Chandan. Together, they embark on a funny quest to discover who they are and what they have in common.

9. Home Shanti – Disney+Hotstar

The narrative of Home Shanti centers on a middle-class family who is constructing their first home after years of residing in government-provided housing. There are only three months left before they must evacuate their present quarter, thus the play is poised to blend turmoil and comedy beautifully.

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10. Yeh Meri Family – Amazon Prime Video

Yeh Meri Family, a web series filled with nostalgic childhood scenes, is the following on the list. Yeh Meri Family is a story about various feelings for family members as seen through the twelve-year-old Harshu’s eyes, and it is set in the summer of 1998. This series will move and make you smile since it perfectly captures the spirit of the 1990s.