Tumbbad 2 Release Date Status: Is It Officially Renewed or Cancelled?

Tumbbad, a well-known mythological horror movie in Hindi, had a four-year run that ended on Wednesday, October 12. The film was well-liked by both viewers and critics and dealt with a distinctive issue. It was one of India’s most well-known productions.

The film’s primary actor and producer, Sohum Shah, stated that due to the worldwide love and accolades it has earned as well as the genuine sweat, blood, and effort it required to be made, the film will always be his proudest accomplishment. Four years have passed since the release of the film.

Tumbbad, which was directed by Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, and Adesh Prasad. This time, we have a lot to hope for. Although we may not be able to provide you with a specific release date, Tumbbad 2 is likely to appear in 2023 or 2024, based on our best guesses.

Is Tumbbad 2 Going to Happen?

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Tumbbad will have a sequel because the movie was a success. And when this news broke, Tumbbad 2 On the Way fans went bonkers. However, according to our findings, Tumbbad’s principal actor and producer, Sohum Shah, will provide the definitive response.

Tumbbad 2 might be available by the fourth quarter of 2024, assuming everything goes according to plan. Work on pre-production will soon begin. As a result, the writers will need to live up to our expectations once more if Tumbbad 2 is in the works. This time, we have a lot to hope for.

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Will Pandurang Come Back To The Mansion?

Tumbbad 2 Release Date

Vinayak died because of his insatiable desire for gold money. Hastar is still alive, although Vinayak is no longer here. Due to Vinayak’s excellent instruction, Pandurang is aware of how to overcome the challenges of the mansion. Then, Pandurang brought down a dough doll, and everything fell to pieces.

He had no idea that his innocuous action would cause Hastar to reawaken in a terrible manner. Pandurang was most frightened by his father’s altered personality after he determined to save his son. Vinayak’s deteriorating condition astounded him.

Despite having left the village, Pandurang might still return to Tumbbad. There will be a significantly more fascinating and educational section of the film. Hastar exists in a variety of forms, which we should never overlook.

Tumbbad 2 Release Date

We observed that Pandurang’s poor decision was one of the primary causes of Vinayak’s demise. Pandurang had originally desired the loincloth. Pandurang rushed away because he was terrified, but like his father, he might return to the community.

Nothing is certain when it comes to Tumbbad 2. He might also become weary of the plight of the poor! He might even run into his father this time when he returns to the estate. Since Hastar doesn’t leave a soul alive, even if he killed his father, the mansion may still be home to his father’s spirit.

Tumbbad 2: What about the cast & crew?

Tumbbad 2 Release Date

On Tumbbad’s fourth anniversary, supporters had hoped that Tumbaad 2 would debut, but that hasn’t happened yet. Sohum Shah reportedly won’t play the lead in Tumbbad 2; instead, he’ll either direct or produce the movie or possibly both.

The well-liked political drama Maharani 2 is currently popular on Sony LIV, which is great for Shah. Alongside Radhika Apte, the actor is now collaborating on various projects, including “Dahaad” and “Sanaa”.

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