Top 20 High School Romance Anime: From Classroom Crushes to Eternal Love!

Explore the entrancing world of adolescent emotions with our list of the top 20 anime featuring high school romance. These animated tales capture the essence of youthful romance, from tender moments of first love to heartwarming confessions. Join us as we explore a spectrum of emotions, from melancholy farewells to exhilarating new beginnings, in this collection of anime that depicts the emotional rollercoaster of high school relationships in a beautiful manner.

Top 20 Romantic High School Anime

#20: “Horimiya” (2021-)

top 20 high school romance anime

Everyone is familiar with the aphorism about judging books by their covers, etc., but this anime doubled down on it, resulting in a high school comedy that caught fire! There are a variety of couples interspersed throughout the story, but the primary attraction is the blossoming romance between the popular girl Hori and the quiet outcast Miyamura. Only, Hori is a down-to-earth girl, whereas Miyamura is a punk-lover with an inordinate number of piercings. It’s definitely a more mature take on the subgenre, with characters who are not afraid to take things to the next level repeatedly!

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#19: “Skip and Loafer” (2023)

It is physically impossible to view this program and not feel as though you are bathing in the sun. The central relationship and its participants are so incredibly sincere! Mitsumi is a girl from the rural periphery with lofty aspirations, although she is not exactly a dazzling beacon of beauty. Yet, her compassion and enthusiasm are so overwhelming that they attract people from all walks of life, including Sosuke, the human equivalent of a golden retriever, into her friend group. Honestly, this could be one of the cutest anime romances in recent memory.

#18: “We Never Learn” (2019)

top 20 high school romance anime

Beginning the surprisingly expanding sub-subgenre of student tutors teaching other students and falling in love in the process, we have this little gem, in which the down-on-his-luck but studious Yuiga is given the opportunity to gain a college scholarship if he helps three superstar students graduate. It has one of the finest harems we’ve ever seen, which is what really sells the film. There is no space for debate here; Furuhashi, Takemoto, and Ogata are all of the highest caliber.

#17: “Tomo-chan is a Girl” (2023)

Tomo-chan’s desire to prove to her besite that despite her tomboyish appearance, she still desires to be regarded as a girl was greeted with resounding adoration and proved to be a blast. Tomo’s efforts to persuade her childhood friend of her femininity are sympathetic enough to keep the series afloat, despite the fact that the series’ comedic prowess can be attributed to Carol is Queen’s incredible supporting case. We are somewhat perplexed as to why it took Jun so long to realize Tomo is an immaculate catch.
Do you have pupils, dude?

#16: “Nisekoi” (2014-15)

You believe dealing with daily life as a teenager is difficult? Imagine being the offspring of a notorious yakuza leader. Raku and Chitoge, the offspring of two rival gang leaders, immediately dislike each other upon their first meeting, which makes things awkward when it’s revealed that their parents insist they pose as boyfriend and girlfriend in order to maintain peace between both yakuza factions. This results in a multitude of problems in the future, as the two must not only keep their secret but also deal with love triangles, a budding romance, and even assassins!

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#15: “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” (2012-14)

top 20 high school romance anime

Yuta merely desired an ordinary high school experience. Unfortunate for him, all of that is thrown out the window when Rikka, a lady who is anything but ordinary, enters his life. Rikka, who suffers from “eighth-grade syndrome,” lives in her own fantasy universe, into which Yuta is continually drawn. As Yuta becomes increasingly attracted to the eccentric but adorable Rikka, the (ahem) wielder of the Tyrant’s Eye begins to realize that real-world emotions may be even more magical than her own imagination.

#14: “The Quintessential Quintuplet” (2019-21)

Futaro’s determination to earn a bit of money for his struggling family propels him into the unanticipated position of serving as a mentor figure to the Nakano sisters – five gorgeous sisters who are only united in their abysmal academic abilities and their growing affection for Futaro’s individualized teaching techniques. The fact that one of them is teased to be his future fiancée only increases the likelihood of a naval conflict. Choose a sibling and set sail!

#13: “My Love Story” (2015)

There have been other odd couplings in anime, but none as peculiar as these two. Takeo may have a gentle soul, but he’s also a giant, and his imposing stature has frightened away every female he’s ever liked. That is, until he meets the adorable Rinko, a female who can see beyond the muscle. This is the beginning of a relationship that will have you crying with laughter one instant and then slamming you in the gut the next. The innocent yet oddly realistic depiction of Takeo and Rinko’s romance is yet another example of how book covers should not be used to evaluate the content of the book. Even if the book appears to be capable of crushing a mountain with a strike.

#12: “Ouran High School Host Club” (2006)

Rare is the reverse harem anime that captured the hearts of so many people, particularly one handled with such finesse! After a significant mishap, the poor yet brilliant Haruhi becomes entangled in an elitist host club catered to wealthy high school girls. The trap? She must impersonate a male. Haruhi’s interactions with the numerous dream boys inhabiting the Host Club are chivalrous and endearing, and it is a pleasure to observe them. Even those of you who don’t typically enjoy this type of anime will be captivated.

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#11: “Tsuredure Children” (2017)


top 20 high school romance anime

Why limit yourself to a single coupling when you can have ALL PAIRINGS? Seriously, there are so many adorable high school relationships in this program. As expected, a series that focuses on shorter episodes and a large cast leaves little space for character development, but the combination of contrasting personalities and the sweetness of each blossoming romance makes the whole thing a delight to watch. How could you not be persuaded by Jun and Yuki’s constant teasing or Masafumi and Ryoko’s uproarious no-efforts-given cuteness?

#10: “Your Lie in April” (2014-15)

If music is the food of affection, continue to play. Due to a tragic and abusive past, Kosei has lost interest in playing the piano. That is, until he meets the gorgeous violinist Kaori, whose boundless energy not only leaves him besotted, but also reignites his musical passion. You should undoubtedly watch this story about friendship, music, and young love, but you should also be aware that it is so heartbreaking that you will need to constantly wipe your eyes. Nevertheless, we would not miss this duet for anything.

#9: “Lovely Complex” (2007)

The fact that Koizumi and Ootani are able to make their height difference the propelling force of their entire love story is surprising. Insecure about their appearances, these two adorable idiots start off on the wrong foot; in truth, they could not be more dissimilar. Nevertheless, through a succession of hilarious trials and errors, the pair realizes that they complement one another. Apparently, when it comes to choosing the ideal partner, size is irrelevant.

#8: “Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” (2021-)

What began as an uncomfortable example of verbal bullying quickly transformed into one of the kindest, funniest, and most compelling high school anime romances you’re likely to encounter. On one end is the nervously artistic Senpai, and on the other is Nagatoro, an energetic demon-cat whose newfound affection manifests as relentless taunting. This romance is not at all one-sided, and the greatest part is seeing both characters overcome their preconceived notions to realize they adore each other.

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#7: “Doukyuusei -Classmates-” (2016)

top 20 high school romance anime

High school can be a difficult time of self-reflection, but it can also be an incredibly beautiful time. This is nowhere more evident than with these two polar opposites. While Rihito is focused on achieving perfect grades, Hikaru is honing his guitar abilities. Soon after a chance meeting, the two lads develop an inquisitive interest in each other, which quickly develops into affection. As both a coming-of-age tale and a beautiful love narrative, this will make your heart race.

#6: “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” (2013-20)

If you like your romance anime with a much more serious edge, then witnessing Hacihman attempt to survive the high school maze with two equally alluring women by his side should be right up your alley. Hachiman is a loner with a significant cynical chip on his shoulder. His somewhat-forced inclusion in a club where he has to help people he despises creates plenty of drama, but the real draw is whether or not he will give his closed-off heart to ice queen Yukino or fading flower Yui.

#5: “Kimi ni Todoke” (2009-11)

These two complement each other so well that their chemistry almost makes us mad. Despite being a very positive person, Sawako’s naiveté and ethereal appearance have earned her the moniker of Sadako, the sinister female antagonist of The Ring film series. Due to this, her secondary school experience has been marked by extreme isolation. At least, that was the case until she made pals with Mr. Popular himself, Kazehaya. Attracted to her energizing personality, the two find themselves growing closer. Their love is so pure that you will become blinded by it.

#4: “My Dress Up Darling” (2022)

top 20 high school romance anime

Who could have predicted that cosplay would be the catalyst for one of the most captivating anime romances ever? Watching the sweet yet excruciatingly shy Gojo become closer to the incredibly nerdy yet incredibly popular Marin gives us hope for humanity. The manner in which they approach each costume design and photoshoot, not to mention their undeniable romantic and sensual rapport that seems to increase with each episode – we can’t get enough! Moreover, based on what transpired in that hotel room, they cannot get enough of one another.

#3: “Clannad” (2007-08)

We trust you haven’t put away your tissues, because this anime will have you in tears in no time. Tomoya, a delinquent who enjoys wasting his days away, uncovers a new reason to continue his schooling after meeting the endearing yet awkward Nagisa. Her desire to revive the drama club and excessive friendliness progressively soften Tomoya, allowing romantic seeds to be planted. The series goes to great lengths to expose the anguish and turmoil each character is experiencing in their own lives, despite the authenticity of their relationship.

#2: “Toradora!” (2008-09)

top 20 high school romance anime

It is an age-old story. A gentleman with a threatening visage meets an adorable ball of wrath. They argue, quarrel, and despise one another until they decide to collaborate in order to set each other up with their respective closest friends. Who could have predicted that the animosity between the tiger and the dragon would blossom into one of the most stunning anime couples of all time? As our protagonists discover that the only thing they need from life is each other, you can expect to experience the full range of emotions.

#1: “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” (2019-)

Was there really any doubt? Not only is this conflict of geniuses an absolute masterclass of anime wit, banter, and outlandish comedy, but the duo of Kaguya and Miyuki are phenomenal at conveying that despite their achievements and flaws, they’re just as hopeless in love as anyone else. Why confess your feelings when you can attempt to get the other person to confess first? If you only ever watched one high school romance anime in your lifetime, it should be this one.