What to Expect from The Masked Singer Season 11 Cast, Plot and Everything We Know so Far?

the masked singer season 11 release date

Since its inception, “The Masked Singer” has been a delightful source of entertainment for music, intrigue, and extravagant costume enthusiasts. This extremely popular reality show combines the thrill of a singing competition with the suspense of guessing the identities of the performers concealed behind elaborate masks and costumes. Now, with ten successful seasons under its belt, fans of “The Masked Singer” avidly await the premiere of Season 11.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything we know about the upcoming season, from release dates to potential surprises and alterations for viewers.

The Masked Singer Season 11

The producers have granted their official approval for Season 11 of our beloved musical reality series. The captivating journey of the show that has captivated our hearts is set to continue.

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Expected Plot for The Masked Singer Season 11?

In the dazzling world of Season 11 of The Masked Singer, where renown, style, and mystique collide, singing celebrities don elaborate head-to-toe disguises. Their true identities are concealed behind full-face masks, leaving the presenter, panelists, audience, viewers, and even their fellow contestants to engage in a cryptic guessing game following each performance.

In Season 10 of this magnificent spectacle, costumed characters dominated an enthralling assortment of themed episodes. From whimsical wonders to otherworldly enigmas, each contender brought their A-game, leaving admirers of the show spellbound.

The 11th season of The Masked Singer will feature a captivating plot twist. A new panelist has joined the experienced group, adding a new level of intrigue to the already riveting program. Each episode increases the stakes and the opulence of the masks. It’s a rollercoaster of cadence and revelation.

The Season 11 premiere will likely follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. Amid a sea of new celebrity competitors, The Masked Singer continues to stretch the boundaries of entertainment by combining mystery, music, and mayhem.

‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Judge Switch-Up for Season 11

the masked singer season 11 release date

For the first time in The Masked Singer’s history, a change is occurring at the judges’ table. Rita Ora will replace Nicole Scherzinger for the eleventh season of the hit Fox reality series (not to be confused with the tenth season, which premieres in two weeks).

Fox announced that the former Pussycat Dolls member would be leaving the judging panel for Season 11. Given that it was previously announced that she would play Grizabella in the lead role of Cats on the West End in the autumn, this comes as no surprise. The query fans had, however, was who, if anyone, would replace her.

The answer comes, ironically, from the United Kingdom, where Nicole will miss the season.

Rita Ora, a British singer-songwriter with over 10 billion streams and four No. 1 singles in the United Kingdom, holds the record for the most Top-10 singles by a British female artist with 13. She is also familiar with The Masked Singer, having served as a panelist on The Masked Singer U.K. since its inception.

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Expected Cast of The Masked Singer?

the masked singer season 11 release date

There is no official confirmation of the roster. As one would anticipate from the cast:

Where to Watch The Masked Singer?

You can currently watch The Masked Singer on either FuboTV or Hulu Plus. These streaming platforms provide convenient access to the series Duets’pairings.


As fans eagerly await the premiere of The Masked Singer Season 11, the show’s enduring popularity continues to captivate audiences. With its unique blend of music, intrigue, and extravagant costumes, the series promises to deliver another exciting season filled with celebrity surprises and cryptic guessing games. The addition of Rita Ora to the judging panel adds a fresh twist to the show’s dynamic, while viewers can enjoy the upcoming season on FuboTV or Hulu Plus. As anticipation builds, the masked characters and their mesmerizing performances are set to once again enthrall and mystify audiences, ensuring that The Masked Singer remains an exhilarating and beloved entertainment phenomenon.