Marvels Madness Reviews: First Impressions Take Center Stage!

The Marvels First Reviews

The 33rd feature film episode of the MCU has finally come, serving as a sequel to the 2019 film Captain Marvel, the 2021 TV series WandaVision, and the 2022 TV series Ms. Marvel. The Marvels, which has been delayed, will finally open in theaters on November 10; thus far, reviews have been remarkably mixed. The first reviews for the Nia DaCosta (Candyman)-directed cosmic superhero film featuring Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, Teyonah Parris, and Samuel L. Jackson have been released. The reviews are highly complimentary of the film’s action sequences, the way the three leads interact with one another, and Vellani in particular. However, not everyone enjoys the film’s ludicrous sense of comedy, haphazard writing, and unimpressive antagonist.
What reviewers are saying about The Marvels is as follows:

Are the Marvels Another Important Mcu Filmily?

The Marvels First Reviews

“The Marvels are a success.” Amelia Emberwing from IGN Films

“Marvel Studios excels at what it does best, which is The Marvels. a must-see for all Marvel fans, regardless of how ardent they are about the franchise—even those who weren’t thrilled with most of the studio’s most recent movies. – Molly Freeman, satirical film

It’s challenging to avoid becoming engrossed in its Marvels. It’s just a freaking blast of a time. Shakefire’s Matt Rodriguez “The Marvels cooks really well when it’s cooking.” Liz Shannon Miller, The Result

“A fantastically enjoyable, must-see Marvel film… The Marvels never overlook having fun. – Mereia Mullor, Intel Agent

“The fun this offers up won’t blow you away, but you will probably be pleasantly surprised.” – Joey Magidson, Radar Awards

“The Marvels is a prime example that Marvel’s successful superhero formula—if given this much heart, brevity, and audience trust—is absolutely still worthwhile.” – user Jenna Anderson

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What Is It Like in Relation to Other Marvel Movies?

“The Marvels is the MCU coming back to form, with all the silly fun and superhero shenanigans of Marvel’s greatest fare.” – Molly Freeman, satirical film

“The story is much more focused and constrained, and it feels more like something from the early MCU days.” Shakefire’s Matt Rodriguez “It feels like the first part of the MCU, which is a positive thing overall.” – Joey Magidson, Radar Awards

“In a long time, this is actually one of the most kid-friendly Marvel movie releases.” Raising Whasians by Christie Cronan

“The Marvels is a lot of fun, and I genuinely look forward to seeing it again, unlike several of the recent MCU offerings.” – The Lamplight Review, Brent Hankins

“What’s most refreshing about this is that The Marvels is the complete opposite of Captain Marvel, which, for all its virtues, felt like a living, breathing advertisement for military recruitment.” Amelia Emberwing from IGN Films

“Get ready for an utterly miserable ride with The Marvels if you thought Eternals and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania were low points for the limping Marvel Cinematic Universe.” — New York Post contributor Johnny Oleksinski

What Excites About It?

The Marvels First Reviews

“What elevates The Marvels beyond average Marvel storytelling to an absolutely delightful experience is the interplay among the three central characters.” – Molly Freeman, satirical film

These three performers have an incredible connection with one another. What makes The Marvels so fantastic is their ability to collaborate while still having a good time. – Tessa Smith, Geeky Mama

“I’d like to see more of The Marvels because it shows that not every choice made by a superhero in spandex is the right one.” – The Lamplight Review, Brent Hankins

“A grounded addition to a gluttonous and increasingly perplexing Marvel Cinematic Universe is The Marvels.” Reporter Lovia Gyarkye from Hollywood

One of the best things about the film is how it manages to keep its focus despite using multiple MCU settings. – Mereia Mullor, Intel Agent

It’s the shortest MCU film ever, clocking in at one hour and forty-five minutes. — New York Post contributor Johnny Oleksinski

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The Script: How Is It?

Even for MCU experts, there is a lot of Marvel-specific science and world-building scattered throughout The Marvels that can be challenging to follow, but it doesn’t detract from the overall experience. – Molly Freeman, satirical film

“You can piece together the story in your head, but it might be more difficult to pretend to understand why it matters—not within the MCU’s expanding mythos, but on its own.” — Variety’s Owen Gleiberman

It’s best compared to a badly knit sweater since all of it unravels with only one loose end. A lot of decisions are made that never quite work out, stories are abandoned far too quickly, and the conclusion has both serious plot flaws and some rewarding beats. Liz Shannon Miller, The Result

“Like most MCU productions, the plotting is flawed. The Marvels takes on more than it can manage, which leads to sudden conclusions and dropped strands. Reporter Lovia Gyarkye from Hollywood

If You’re Not Caught Up With All the Shows, Is It Hard to Follow?

The Marvels First Reviews

“Watching WandaVision and Ms. Marvel is crucial. Although both shows are excellent on their own, they will provide you with the background knowledge necessary to fully comprehend Kamala and Monica, their goals, and the choices they make. – Tessa Smith, Geeky Mama

“The Marvels is not a difficult movie to follow, even if you haven’t watched those series.” — Variety’s Owen Gleiberman

“The Marvels requires homework in order to comprehend the fundamental storyline… and after you do? I dunno. — New York Post contributor Johnny Oleksinski

Teyonah Parris in The Marvels (2023) as Captain Monica Rambeau (Image courtesy of Marvel Studios)

Can It Ever Become Too Simple?

“Its absurdity may not appeal to every audience, but that’s acceptable—DaCosta’s humor is wonderful.” – Mereia Mullor, Intel Agent

“Comic book movies ought to try more often to incorporate silly moments like these.” – The Lamplight Review, Brent Hankins

It’s difficult to come up with a funnier, more bizarre, or more surprising sequence from the MCU than the one this movie offers. It’s peculiar. It’s incredible. It justifies seeing this film two or three times. Liz Shannon Miller, The Result

Weird humor has its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Marvel’s ludicrous comedic moments often come across as forced since they contrast with the film’s overall practical tone. — Variety’s Owen Gleiberman

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What Is the Action Like?

The Marvels First Reviews

“The battle scenes are amazing. It makes for some unique battle moves as any time they use their powers simultaneously, they trade positions. Although things move quickly and change from person to person, they still happen very quickly, which makes them entertaining to watch. – Tessa Smith, Geeky Mama

Some of the most inventive battle choreography in the franchise to date is made possible by the power-swapping premise of the movie. – user Jenna Anderson

Every time the main trio uses their abilities to switch places, the confrontations are propelled by amazing, surprising choreographies that add a unique flavor to the standard Marvel action. It has an intriguing and unique feel. – Mereia Mullor, Intel Agent

This clever narrative device enables DaCosta to showcase her aesthetic sensibilities and craft captivating battle scenes. The director plays around with perspective, allowing the camera to track, flip, swerve, and swing in a variety of thrilling ways. Reporter Lovia Gyarkye from Hollywood

“The action scenes are a little bit typical.” – Joey Magidson, Radar Awards

Are There Any Exceptions?

The main reason this film succeeds is Iman Vellani. Her spectacular moves on the big screen bring much-needed joy and vitality to this movie. Liz Shannon Miller, The Result

“Iman Vellani continues to be one of the studio’s greatest casting choices ever, and watching her on screen is always enjoyable.” – The Lamplight Review, Brent Hankins

“Vellani, in particular, is charming in the role of Kamala, adding heart and humor to the film.” – Molly Freeman, satirical film

Vellani makes the biggest splash here. The actress steals almost every scene while doing a lot with a part that could have easily been one-note. Reporter Lovia Gyarkye from Hollywood

Is There a Villain Issue?

The Marvels First Reviews

“Although she’s not one of Marvel’s best-developed characters, the villain works well as the three heroes’ adversaries.” – Molly Freeman, satirical film

“Dar-Benn feels like the generic version of Cate Blanchett’s Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, despite how good Zawe Ashton is.” — Variety’s Owen Gleiberman

This one is a little bit forgettable. She has villainous motives, but occasionally she comes out as cliched. Even for those who adore a villain, she is difficult to relate to.” – Tessa Smith, Geeky Mama

“It’s a boring villain.” – The Lamplight Review, Brent Hankins

“One of the Marvel characters that makes me cringe the most is definitely the villain.” Raising Whasians by Christie Cronan

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Does It Present Hope for The Mcu’s Future?

“The Marvels shows that perhaps the MCU isn’t in as much trouble as it would seem and is back on track.” Shakefire’s Matt Rodriguez

“There’s no reason to think the MCU’s future is anything but bright if Marvel continues to produce films like The Marvels.” – Molly Freeman, satirical film

“Khan demonstrates that she is the key. She is definitely a badass, and if Disney and Marvel are astute, she will be the face of the franchise in the future. Reporter Lovia Gyarkye from Hollywood

“The Marvels paints a bright future for the MCU as long as Kamala Khan is in it.” – Mereia Mullor, Intel Agent

“We are at last thrilled about the MCU’s future once more.” – Tessa Smith, Geeky Mama