The Killing Vote Season 2 Expected Plot, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

The Killing Vote Season 2, is a captivating South Korean TV series that has everyone buzzing with anticipation. Starring Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, and Lim Ji-yeon, this show is adapted from a popular Korean webcomic of the same name, originally featured on Kakao Webtoon and KakaoPage.

The Killing Vote Season 1 made its debut on SBS TV on August 10, 2023, with new episodes airing every Thursday at 9:00 PM (KST). And if you’re in specific locations, you can catch the action on Amazon Prime Video.

Fans of the show can hardly contain their excitement for Season 2, eagerly awaiting more details about the upcoming episodes. Here, we’ve gathered all the information we have about the highly anticipated second season for you.

The Killing Vote Season 2 Expected Cast

What to Expect in The Killing Vote Season 2?
The main actors in The Killing Vote are

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Official Synopsis for The Killing Vote

The Killing Vote Season 2 Release Date

Here’s a summary of what The Killing Vote is about:

“People are engrossed in watching a mysterious masked figure known as ‘Gaetal’ on their screens, and this marks the beginning of the Killing Vote.”

The Killing Vote Season 1 Finale Recap

The Killing Vote season 1 finale recap

The Final Vote: A Detailed Recap
In Episode 12 of “The Killing Vote,” we delve into a crucial flashback, unveiling the tragic past of Hyun and her sister. A woman, responsible for a fatal car accident that claimed their parents’ lives, reappears. The grieving siblings accuse her of drunk driving, sparking a quest for justice.

Hyun, armed with evidence, approaches a police officer, revealing the woman’s attempt to flee the accident scene. Meanwhile, Mu-chan, fresh from a redeployment notice, crosses paths with Hyun. As time passes, Min observes the woman leading a seemingly content life. Hyun, however, advocates for a different form of revenge – living happily.

In the present, Mu-chan receives a directive to eliminate Seok-joo, raising questions about its legitimacy. The Killing Vote, fraught with newfound awareness, witnesses a surge in abstentions. Inside Seok-joo’s hideout, a complex web of plans unfolds, involving Ji-hoon and Min.

Chaos ensues as Ji-hoon’s life hangs in the balance amid a confrontation with bullies. Tragedy strikes when Ji-hoon succumbs, handing Hyun a pivotal flash drive. Sang-jae aids Mu-chan in reviving Seok-joo, but the aftermath leaves Ji-hoon lifeless in Hyun’s arms.

As the narrative unfolds, unexpected revelations emerge. Mu-chan discovers critical details in Na-rae’s murder video. Ji-young’s hidden secrets come to light, leading to her arrest. Hyun, torn by grief, hurls Ji-hoon’s passcode into the sea, acknowledging the compromises made to apprehend Ji-young.

A year later, Hyun thrives professionally, while unexpected relationships blossom. Yoon-ji and Jo-dan’s love story intertwines with a surprising revelation about a coding competition. Hyun unearths Ji-hoon’s connection to Gaetal, uncovering a poignant truth.

Amidst the resolution, Min receives a heartfelt message from Ji-hoon. Hyun’s vigil for Seok-joo persists, even as Mu-chan grapples with his actions. A mysterious flash drive surfaces, suggesting Seok-joo may have left a lasting impact.

In the closing moments, Seok-joo’s fate remains uncertain, leaving a thread of intrigue that hints at the resilience of hope amid the shadows of the past.

Where to Watch The Killing Vote Season 2?

Where to Watch The Killing Vote Season 2?
You’ll be able to catch Season 2 of The Killing Vote on SBS, and you can also stream it on Prime Video.


The Killing Vote Season 2, a highly anticipated South Korean TV show, stars Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, and Lim Ji-yeon. Based on a popular webcomic, Season 1 premiered on August 10, 2023, and airs on SBS TV, with availability on Amazon Prime Video. The cast includes Park Hae-jin, Lim Ji-yeon, Park Sung-woong, and more. Season 1’s finale unveils tragic pasts, revenge plots, and unexpected revelations. The narrative weaves complex relationships, unresolved fates, and a mysterious flash drive, leaving viewers intrigued and eager for Season 2. The show explores the resilience of hope amid the shadows of the past.