What to Expect in Surface Season 2? Delving Into the Dark Secrets of Sophie’s Journey in London!

Surface is a thrilling TV show made by Veronica West for Apple TV+. It first came out on July 29, 2022. The good news came in December 2022 when they decided to make a second season.
Apple TV+ is renewing the psychological thriller Surface for a second season, featuring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and created by Veronica West. The show follows Sophie, played by Mbatha-Raw, who suffers from memory loss due to a traumatic head injury. Season two, set in London, explores Sophie’s past and the reasons behind her flaws.
Get ready, fans of the captivating deep-sea mystery-thriller Surface! The long-awaited second season is on its way to your screens. After the first season wrapped up, leaving viewers with numerous unanswered questions, the critically acclaimed show is set to deliver even more excitement and adventure in Season 2. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from the upcoming season of Surface.

What is the Expected Plot of The Show Surface?

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Sonya woke up in intense pain, but she couldn’t figure out why. It surprised her when she discovered that she was the cause of her suffering. Additionally, she couldn’t remember why she chose to jump. They tried to convince her that it was her own decision.

Maybe someone manipulated and forced her into it. Sonya is unsure if she should try to remember this part. Perhaps her mind is protecting her from another jump. Maybe she couldn’t bear the weight of certain events any longer. But what if she’s extremely vulnerable and forgets about the possible killer?

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The Expected Cast of Surface Season 2

The Expected Cast of Surface Season 2

In the TV series, Gugu Mbatha-Raw played the role of Sophie Ellis, while Oliver Jackson-Cohen portrayed James Ellis, both having important roles. Other notable cast members include Millie Brady as Eliza Huntley, Ari Graynor as Caroline, Francois Arnaud as Harrison, Stephan James as Thomas Baden, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Hannah. Francois Arnaud also played the character of Thomas Baden.

Surface Season 1, Episode 8 Recap – Explaining the Finale and Ending

In the finale of Surface Season 1, three weeks after Baden’s death, Sophie and James face police questioning about the suspicious incident. Sophie admits to an affair with the undercover cop, raising more questions. The police suggest there’s more to Sophie’s story. James confronts Harrison, suspecting his involvement. Sophie appears to say her goodbyes, eventually leaving a letter claiming they killed a man. James spirals into turmoil, blaming Harrison for the mess, and Caroline abandons him. It’s revealed that Harrison orchestrated Baden’s death. The episode ends with a snippet of information reigniting James’ hopes.

Where to Watch Surface Season 2?

Where to Watch Surface Season 2?

The upcoming season of Surface is set to debut on Apple TV+, just like the initial season of the show did.


Surface Season 2, the Apple TV+ psychological thriller, is highly anticipated after the success of Season 1. Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the show follows Sophie’s journey through memory loss and trauma. Season 2, set in London, delves into Sophie’s past and the mysteries surrounding her. The Season 1 finale left viewers in suspense with revelations about a manipulated death and hidden motives. Surface Season 2 is expected to premiere on Apple TV+, but a trailer is yet to be released, keeping fans eagerly awaiting more intrigue and adventure.