A Review of Strange Planet Season 1: Bizarre Adventures Beyond Earth!

Strange Planet Season 1 Review

The simplicity of “Strange Planet” is on purpose. The half-hour animated episodes of the Apple TV+ series, which was co-created by “Rick & Morty’s” Dan Harmon and Nathan W. Pyle and based on his well-known comic strips, record typical human situations via an extraterrestrial lens of heightened objectivity.

Though their world is not Earth, it adheres to many of the same principles. There are still animals and dogs, planes and buses, parents and kids even though there may be machines that can produce an endless supply of pancakes and decent manners don’t appear to require wearing pants.

The popular webcomic series Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle has been creatively adapted by Apple TV+ and will debut on our screens on August 9, 2023. The planned science fiction and blue beings-based animated comedy series was created by the author and Dan Harmon and will portray common issues as realistically as possible.

What Happens In The Show?

Each week, a new episode of the ten-part series Strange Planet is released. The first three stories take us inside the charming “beings” who live in this unusual universe. The first episode exposes us to an aviation situation, drawing comparisons to our globe. The positions of “air hostesses” or “cabin crew” are here referred to as “comfort supervisors.”

Strange Planet Season 1 Review

Their main responsibility is to ensure that passengers are comfortable during the journey, just like air hostesses in our world do. A twist occurs when one of these comfort supervisors gets promoted and is given the responsibility of managing their colleague supervisors.

They become estranged from their close coworkers as a result of their promotion, which is stressful. But when “Four Sensations,” a well-known band, boards the aircraft, destiny changes. Turbulence on the journey puts everyone’s nerves to the test. But the comfort supervisor uses a special technique to guarantee the security of the passengers.

They advocate facing and accepting fear as a natural emotion rather than distracting from it. The story changes when the supervisor tells the passengers to scream in fear to relieve their collective anxiety. The “Four Sensations” simultaneously enter the scene, playing instruments and singing a calming song.

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Strange Planet Season 1 Review

This spontaneous performance does wonders for the atmosphere aboard the plane, bringing it back to normal. Strange Planet gently emphasizes the need of facing one’s emotions as well as the unexpected togetherness that can result from common experiences in its first episode.

We explore the interactions between the “beings” and the unusual three-eyed creatures coexisting on their planet in the second episode of the series. The action takes place in a cliffside restaurant under the direction of a manager who also happens to be a customer’s crush.

Similar to humans, these beings use charming techniques to win over their crushes. A twist occurs when the manager is required to work overtime to serve an elderly couple an anniversary cake. Seizing the chance, the client “being” proposed that they watch over the manager’s beloved animal or “vibrating creature” while they were dating.

Strange Planet Season 1 Review

As luck would have it, while attempting to care for the animal, the client spills “mild poison” on it, turning it pink. Back at the restaurant, in the meantime, the manager struggles to give the couple their anniversary cake and has a little accident while doing so.

Surprisingly, the couple sweetly pardons the manager, highlighting the beauty of enduring chaos as a couple over the years of their relationship. This sincere viewpoint emphasizes how much more important their enduring love is than any mishap. The manager discovers the benefits of empathy and forgiveness through a series of incidents.

They also offered the buyer pardon after seeing their creature had gone red from the “mild poison” This endearing episode serves as a reminder of the value of relationships—even in the worst circumstances—and the need to comprehend, be tolerant of, and respect them.

Strange Planet Season 1 Review

The hire of this person by the owner, who values lifelong learning, is appreciated by the manager. The business owner congratulates the new hire and says that everyone has potential that is just waiting to be realized. Additionally, this newcomer helps the manager approach a previous client who they were first hesitant to speak with.

As the manager and the customer from the previous episode become closer, the heartwarming factor reappears. The manager “being” and her restaurant “Careful Now” will likely be featured more in forthcoming episodes. This location could be important for most of the events to occur.

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‘Strange Planet’ Review

A flawless universe is well shown in Strange Planet. Here, there is no discrimination based on gender or class; everyone is treated equally. They accepted differences and left things alone, bringing peace to the earth. Nothing about this is unfair or biased.

They respect one another without bias, which is really different from how people behave in our society. Everyone is able to forgive and accept mistakes, whether it is the management forgiving the “mild poison” accident or the couple accepting responsibility for the cake accident.

Nearly every episode of the series emphasizes the importance of friendship and forgiveness. It’s good to see that kids respect relationships and individuality in this world, which is unlike ours in that regard. The play serves as a gentle reminder to be nice, kind, and welcoming of others.