Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast: Tan France Hosts a Sizzling Showdown of Secrets and Surprises!

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

The Selling Sunset reunion picks up steam right away on TV, following a turbulent seventh season. Tan France, a cast member of Queer Eye, returns as host and tries to start the introductions off nicely. He taunts Emma Hernan about officiating a wedding in an all-denim bikini, questions Chrishell Stause about married life, and makes jokes about Jason Oppenheim’s peculiar habit of putting baby powder on a fairly private region with the entire cast.

Tan turns to “Baby Mama Drama” Bre Tiesi and inquires about her season-ending scene, in which she rushes out of the office reveal party in a dramatic fashion, ostensibly quitting the show, spilling the first bit of tea. Bre answers Tan’s joke, “Are we back at the O-group now?” with a purring vocal fry that says, “Mmm, that’s undecided.” Tan is so astonished that his mouth falls open. This is the first of several eye-opening scenes from the highly-liked Netflix reality series’ reunion.

Every Main Cast Member of Selling Sunset Season 7

Romain Bonnet:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

The French model and fan favorite, Romain Bonnet, is making a triumphant return. While originally known for his support of his wife Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet, Romain has now taken on a new role as The Oppenheim Group’s trusted contractor and project manager. Mary reveals in an interview that Romain has been working on all their projects, showcasing his diverse skill set beyond the runway.

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Chelsea Lazkani:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

Joining the cast in Season 5, British-Nigerian real estate agent Chelsea Lazkani has already made a significant impact with over $10 million in sales during her first year. In Season 7, viewers can look forward to the grand preparations for Chelsea’s masquerade-themed 30th birthday bash, promising glitz and glamour.

Jason Oppenheim:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

As the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim takes center stage once again. Season 7 brings new challenges for Jason as he navigates the tension between his ex-lovers, Chrishell Stause and Marie-Lou Nurk. The clash between the two adds an extra layer of intrigue to the season.

Chrishell Stause:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

A veteran Oppenheim Group agent, Chrishell Stause has been a constant presence throughout the series. However, Season 7 hints at a shift in focus for Chrishell as she explores opportunities beyond real estate. Her tumultuous relationships and feuds continue to captivate audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Nicole Young:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

With over $100 million in sales, Nicole Young is a force to be reckoned with in the real estate world. Season 7 sees Nicole facing off against enemies, including a heated exchange with Chrishell Stause in the previous season and a new feud with Emma Hernan.

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Emma Hernan:

Season 4 introduces Emma Hernan, a former model turned Oppenheim Group real estate agent and founder of a plant-based frozen food company. Emma finds herself in the midst of drama, clashing with Nicole Young after being labeled a “social climber.”

Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

As the Vice President of The Oppenheim Group and wife to Romain Bonnet, Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet takes viewers on an emotional journey in Season 7. The revelation of her miscarriage adds a poignant and personal touch to the series.

Bre Tiesi:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

Season 6 introduced Bre Tiesi, a real estate agent with a background at Keller Williams Beverly Hills and a child with Nick Cannon. Season 7 brings unexpected clashes with fellow realtor Cassandra Dawn, leaving fans wondering about Bre’s future at The Oppenheim Group.

Brett Oppenheim:

The owner, president, and broker of Oppenheim Real Estate, Brett Oppenheim, continues to work alongside his twin brother, Jason, under The Oppenheim Group umbrella. With a staggering $100 billion in real estate sales, Brett remains a key player in the high-stakes world of luxury real estate.

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Amanza Smith:

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

An original cast member, Amanza Smith shares her personal struggles, including a rough childhood and a cancer scare. Season 7 unfolds with a falling out between Amanza and friend Chrishell Stause, adding a layer of personal drama to the series.

The Cast Gives Hints About Who Will Return For Season Eight of ‘Selling Sunset’

selling sunset season 7 reunion cast

The Oppenheim brothers’ arguments over Jason’s pricey design choices during the construction of their new office for the Sunset agents was one of the season seven plotlines. Watchers will understand why Chrishell, in jest, calls the new office an “adult playground” given all the amenities the brothers are adding. There will be a bar, shuffleboard, pool table games, distinctive architecturally built lounge areas, and tastefully hidden flat-screen TVs throughout the new office.

Mary, playing the part of the office intermediary that she always plays, adds that although the office is a playground, the agents in the O-group all clearly “like to play.” The more telling feature of the new workplace is that extra space translates into more desks for new agents. Tan questions the brothers about this and if they plan to bring on any more employees. Supporters discover that the brothers are actively seeking new agents, and although they are being picky, it appears that fresh faces—whether altered or not—should be joining the O-group shortly.


The Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion, hosted by Tan France of Queer Eye, heats up with playful taunts and shocking revelations. The cast, including fan-favorite Romain Bonnet and seasoned agent Chrishell Stause, spills the tea on personal and professional drama. The Oppenheim brothers hint at an “adult playground” office, adding intrigue about new agents joining the O-group in Season 8. The reunion promises a mix of entertainment and insight into the luxurious world of real estate.