Murderville Season 2: A Quirky Crime-Solving Comedy Might Return in 2024!

All streaming services have been dominated by murder mysteries, particularly Netflix. There’s no shortage of this kind of content on the site; Murderville is among the newest releases. However, the bizarre humor adds to the series’ intrigue despite its somber theme.

All six of the first season’s episodes held viewers’ attention until the very end, having debuted in February 2022. The audience’s desire for Murderville Season 2 is certain to be problematic after Season 1.

Krister Johnson created the series, which was based on the British television serial Murder in Successville. Furthermore, the creation of fictional characters has been modified in part in the American rendition.

Netflix released the first episode on February 3, 2022. On December 15, 2022, a Christmas special was broadcast in its place. Terry Seattle is the investigator at the center of Murderville. He investigates a number of murder mysteries in the town in addition to the naive star guests.

Rumors About the Release Date of Murderville Season 2

Murderville Season 2

The release date for Murderville season 2 is currently unknown, and Netflix hasn’t officially approved the series for additional episodes yet.

In February 2022, the first season of the show debuted on the streaming platform. We don’t think any new episodes will be released in 2023, therefore February 2024 seems like a reasonable time for season 2 to premiere considering there hasn’t been any word on a release date yet.

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Cast Members of Murderville Season Two

Murderville Season 2

The anticipated cast of Murderville: Season 2 is listed below.

  • Terry Seattle, played by Will Arnett
  • As Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle, Haneefah Wood
  • Amber Kang, played by Lilan Bowden
  • Phil Smithey in the role of Darren “Daz” Phillips
  • O’Brien Conan as himself
  • Magic Melvin, David Wain
  • Rob Huebel in the roles of Chester, Charles, and Chadd Worthington
  • Kev Rivera, played by Ian Gomez
  • Sharon Stone in her own right
  • Ken Jeong as himself
  • Deb Melton, played by Alison Becker
  • As Kathy, Mary Hollis Inboden
  • Nanette Dubois, played by Nina Pedrad
  • Dr. Will Gonzalez, played by Josh Banday
  • Dr. Maddison Chen, played by Samantha Cutaran
  • Lisa Capabianco, played by Erinn Hayes
  • Brad Torker, played by Jay Larson
  • As Vinnie Palmieri, John Ennis
  • Ms. Anya Cortez, played by Erica Hernandez
  • Marshawn Lynch is in his own right
  • Kumail Nanjiani in his own right
  • Annie Murphy in her own words
  • Dr. Alexander, played by Irene White
  • Seamus Doyle, played by Peter Giles
  • As Commissioner Barton, Phil LaMarr
  • Nicole Hendricks in the role of Rebecca

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Plot Speculation for Season Two of Murderville

Murderville Season 2

We watched Seattle and his broad list of law enforcement allies solve a number of grisly crimes in season 1. It’s difficult to predict the specifics of any potential cases in season 2 because every victim and situation is unique, but let’s just say that there will be more bodies turning up.

In addition, Terry Seattle’s ongoing storyline revolves around his post-divorce struggles; after all, every great detective film needs a flawed lead character. It’s likely that season 2 will revisit that aspect of his personal life.

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What Was the Performance of Murderville on Netflix?

Murderville Season 2

It can be said that the series didn’t have a significant effect on Netflix’s top 10. Additionally, it was absent from Netflix’s recently released hourly global top 10 rankings.

One of the easiest ways to keep an eye on Netflix’s top series is to follow the top 10. According to FlixPatrol, the show only made it to the overall top 10s in two countries—the US and Canada—but it did make it to more locations in the TV top 10.

The show ran for six days on the US TV top 10s before it was removed. Additionally, it was included in the TV top 10 lists in the US, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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Trailer for Murderville Season 2

This teaser is currently highly relevant to the next episode of the TV show. One month before the broadcast date, the official video will be made available.


“Murderville,” a quirky murder mystery series with a unique blend of humor, left audiences captivated in its debut season on Netflix in February 2022. While the release date for Season 2 remains uncertain, it’s expected to arrive around February 2024. The show’s ensemble cast, led by Will Arnett, is eagerly anticipated to return for more crime-solving adventures. Despite not dominating Netflix’s top charts, “Murderville” found a dedicated audience in several countries, hinting at the potential for future success in its second season.