King Of Kotha Box Office Collection: How much Dulquer Salman’s Film Earn?

Dulquer Salmaan seems to be on a roll with his recent films. “King of Kotha” must be an exciting watch for his fans, especially after his captivating performances in “Sita Ramam” and “Gun and Gulaabs.” It’s impressive to hear that the film has become the biggest opener in Malayalam cinema. We are sure many people are eagerly anticipating this thriller.

King of Kotha‘ sounds like an intriguing gangster drama! Directed by Abhilash Joshiy and written by Abhilash N Chandran, it seems to have a talented team behind it. With Wayfarer Films and Zee Studios as the producers, the film is likely to have a good production value. The music score by Jakes Bejoy, cinematography by Nimish Ravi, and editing by Uma Sankar Satapathy further add to the anticipation. I hope the film turns out to be a great success!

What is the Box Office Collection of Kings Of Kotha?

king of kotha box office collection

It is a piece of great news for Dulquer Salman Fans! “King of Kotha,” a film starring Dulquer Salmaan, appears to be performing well at the box office. The film, which has been dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, earned roughly 2 crore on Sunday. It also earned 1 crore on the fifth day. “King of Kotha” also stars Shabeer Kallarakkal, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Prasanna, Gokul Suresh, and others, in addition to Dulquer Salmaan, who is also producing the film. It’s always gratifying to watch a picture earn favorable reviews and do well in theatres.

What is the plot of the King of Kotha?

Here is a glimpse of the plot of the Kings of Kotha. In 1996, CI Shahul Hassan was transferred to the town of Kotha, where he discovered a rampant narcotics addiction among the citizens, particularly teenagers. As Shahul delves deeper into the origins of the drug problem, he encounters Kannan Bhai, a feared gangster who holds sway over Kotha. Shahul, accompanied by SI Tony Titus, visits Kannan Bhai’s hideout, where he is subjected to humiliation. Shahul seeks information about Raju from Tony, as Kannan had mentioned his name earlier, and Tony reveals Raju’s tumultuous past.

In the past, in 1986, Raju was a ruthless gangster and Kannan’s closest friend, ruling over Kotha. Tony and Kannan were members of Raju’s gang and football team, Winners Kotha. Raju frequently clashed with Ranjith Bhai, the leader of the neighboring town Gandhigram, but Ranjith never harmed Raju out of respect for Raju’s father, Kotha Ravi, who was also a notorious gangster in the past. Raju falls in love with Tara and undergoes a transformation, abandoning vices such as partying and promiscuity.

When Kannan attempts to involve Raju and his gang in the drug trade, Raju refuses due to the tragic death of Tara’s brother from a drug overdose. Raju’s relationship with his parents, particularly his mother Malathi, is strained. Malathi despises Raju for his criminal lifestyle and blames his father for his upbringing. Kannan discovers this and provokes Malathi.

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Who is the Cast of King of Kotha?

king of kotha box office collection

King of Kotha is a directorial debut and is produced by Wayfarer Films and Zee Studios. The film features a talented ensemble cast including Dulquer Salmaan, Shabeer Kallarakkal, Prasanna, Gokul Suresh, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Nyla Usha, Chemban Vinod Jose, Shammi Thilakan, Saran, Shanthi Krishna, and Anikha Surendran. The cinematography is handled by Nimish Ravi, and the film score is composed by Jakes Bejoy, with separate compositions for the songs by Jakes Bejoy and Shaan Rahman.

The film was announced in July 2021 and began principal photography in September 2022, concluding in February 2023. It was released worldwide on August 24, 2023, coinciding with the festival of Onam. The film received mixed reviews from critics.


In conclusion, the film “King of Kotha” has proven to be a captivating and entertaining cinematic experience. Through its compelling storytelling, brilliant performances, and stunning visuals, the film has successfully transported audiences into the vibrant world immersing them in its complex characters.