What to Expect in Killing Floor 3: Unraveling the Nightfall Dissident Storyline!

What to Expect in Killing Floor 3?

Killing Floor 2 was released nearly seven years ago, introducing Horzine Biotech’s Zeds to a more single-player-friendly format after the first game’s 6-player co-op experience. If you believed the series was dead after 2017’s less popular VR game, we have some good news.

When Behaviour Interactive acquired Killing Floor co-creators Antimatter Games, we’d like to believe that our conjecture led to the creation of Killing Floor 3. A sneak peek during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 confirmed that the survival game is in development, regardless of whether you have us to credit for its conception. Here is what we know about Killing Floor 3’s prospective release window, gameplay, and more.

Exploring the Killing Floor Video Game: An Overview

The story unfolds in London, England. In this city, a company called Horzine Biotech is hired to do military-style experiments involving making a lot of copies of things and messing with genes. However, things go wrong during the experiments. People who were part of the experiments start to change in a very scary way – they look weird and get all twisted. They also become really angry and start attacking the security people inside the company.

After a few hours, these strange creatures manage to get out onto the streets. They ruin a peaceful protest near the military company’s building. Even though the local police try their best to stop them, the normal people don’t stand a chance against the many copies of these creatures coming out of the company’s building. The monsters spread out to other parts of London, eating up the regular people while the police struggle to fight them off.

The government realizes they need to stop the creatures from spreading to other countries, as a scientist named Dr. Kevin “The Patriarch” Clamely had planned. So, they quickly gathered small groups of surviving soldiers from the British Army and some special police officers. These teams are not very organized, but they are trying their best to fight back against the mutant creatures. And that’s where the player comes in – taking on the role of a member of one of these teams, going on different missions in and around London to try to stop the chaos.

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Killing Floor 3 Gameplay

What to Expect in Killing Floor 3?

From what we know so far, Killing Floor 3’s gameplay appears to be similar to that of the previous two primary games. According to the description of the announcement trailer on the official Tripwire Interactive YouTube channel, you join forces with up to five teammates to battle waves of Zeds, earn cash, access skills, and construct the ultimate arsenal.

The game is set in 2091, and you play as a member of the Nightfall dissident group attempting to bring the Horzine corporation to its knees. In the seventy years since Killing Floor 2, Horzine has amassed a vast army of Zeds; as a Nightfall representative, you must eliminate them.

This guide will be updated as more information about Killing Floor 3 becomes available from Tripwire Interactive, so if you’re interested, be sure to bookmark it. You could replay the previous Killing Floor games or play one of our other beloved horror games while you wait. There are also plenty of non-horror FPS titles available if you prefer something a little less bloody.

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Can You Pre-Order Killing Floor 3?

What to Expect in Killing Floor 3?

As of now, you can’t pre-order Killing Floor 3. If you check the PlayStation Store, Xbox, or Steam, you’ll find landing pages for the game, but there’s no information on the price or how to pre-order it.

We don’t know how much Killing Floor 3 will cost yet. Killing Floor 2 started at £19.99 during early access and was later released at £29.99. While we hope the sequel will have a similar price, considering the increasing development costs, it might be priced at £39.99. We expect to learn more about this in 2024.

What Gaming Devices and Systems Are Compatible with Killing Floor 3?

Killing Floor 3 is set to be playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC through platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store right from the start.

Whether the game will also be released for Nintendo Switch and older consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still uncertain. The reason for this uncertainty is that Killing Floor 3 uses Unreal Engine 5, which is compatible with these platforms.

However, it’s worth noting that the game’s developers, Tripwire Interactive, haven’t brought previous versions of Killing Floor to Nintendo Switch or older consoles before. This suggests that, for now, the primary focus of Killing Floor 3 will be on next-gen platforms.