Is The Only Mine Based on A True Story: From Reality to Reel!

A year ago, Netflix released the crime drama Only Mine, which follows a young woman named Julie and her relationship with a police officer. After Julie attempts to end their relationship, David becomes possessive and aggressive, and he begins to pursue her.

Is Only Mine Based on A True Story?

is the movie mine based on a true story

Yes, The Only Mine is based on a true story. It is said that the Only Mine film is based on the true tale of Laura Kucera, who escaped an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Her lover shot her in the leg and abandoned her to die in a ditch. The police discover her after four days of surviving in the ditch. This event occurred in 1995, more than 27 years ago. Digital Spy reports that Laura perished a year after the incident. In contrast, Julie goes on a killing frenzy in the film and murders her abusive ex-boyfriend. The film also contains numerous “interviews”-like sequences with David’s boss, Julie’s friends, etc.

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A Look at Only Mine Review

The film has primarily received negative reviews. On IMDb, the film has an average rating of 4.77/10 based on more than 1200 reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, Only Mine has a dismal 20% approval rating.

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Regarding Only Mine Cast

Only Mine is not an original Netflix production. It was produced by MarVista Entertainment, known for its holiday-themed romantic comedies. Julie is played by Amber Midthunder, known for her role in the FX series Legion. Brett Zimmerman portrays both Julie’s abusive stalker Beau and David, a police officer. Brett has appeared on television programs such as Hawaii Five-O, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away With Murder, among others.

The film features Chris Browning, Walter Fauntleroy, and Claudie Ferri in supporting roles. Michael Civille, who has directed films such as After June, and No One Sings Forever, is the film’s director. Matt Young, who has previously written for Blindspot, penned the screenplay for the film Only Mine.