Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Real Life- Revealing The Truth About The BBC Actress

Money concerns have weighed heavily on Stacey Slater’s mind, especially as her daughter Lily Slater prepares to become a mother at the tender age of twelve. The Slaters and Brannings are preparing for a family meeting, which will air on BBC One next week.

Stacey and Martin Fowler are both concerned about their daughter Lily, who admits she isn’t feeling well. This drives Martin to request that Walford nurse Sonia Fowler check Lily, and she discovers that the child has high blood pressure.

Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Real Life?

is lily slater pregnant in real life

No Lily Slater actor Liliana Turner is not pregnant in real life. In EastEnders, 12-year-old Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) received the shock of her life when she discovered she was pregnant, but she has now accepted the reality that she will be a mother.

In recent scenes, Lily went to her 20-week scan and learned the gender of her new baby, which inspired her to throw a gender reveal party. She began preparing a cake, intending to use food coloring to reveal whether the baby was a boy or a girl. However, as soon as the party started, everything started to go wrong. When she sliced into the cake, it was green on the inside, which puzzled everyone.

Who Plays Lily Slater In The EastEnders?

Lillia Turner, 14, has been playing Lily Slater since 2020. Lillia is frequently mistaken for a real-life relative of Stacey actress Lacey Turner because of their names and resemblance. They are not, however, linked. In truth, Lillia appeared as a guest star in EastEnders in 2019 as a character named Alyssa. Her performance caught the attention of the casting team, and she took over the character of Lily Slater from fellow actor Aine Garvey, who had portrayed the position since 2014.

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EastEnders Plot 

EastEnders was well-known for its depiction of working-class families in the fictitious borough of Walford, which was based on London’s actual East End. The event attempted to highlight the intergenerational and ethnic aspects of the neighborhood, which is home to many working-class families.

The show’s major setting was Albert Square, where the characters lived, worked, and socialized, frequently at the Queen Victoria Pub. EastEnders, like other British soap operas, featured strong female characters and huge families, as well as depicting the brutal realities of working-class life. The characters were frequently presented as ordinary people facing various challenges, but their narratives were tempered with aspects of humor, emotional drama, and communal support.

How Old Is Lily Slater?

Stacey Slater and her ex Ryan Malloy have a biological daughter named Lily Slater. Stacey and Martin have raised her since she was 13 years old. She is Hope and Arthur’s older sister. Stacey slept with Ryan in 2009, after she had stopped taking her bipolar medication, and this is when Lily was conceived. Stacey informed Bradley she was pregnant after being sectioned and then returned from the hospital, but it quickly became evident that he couldn’t be the father because the timeframes didn’t match. Stacey had been raped by Archie, but when she learned from Ronnie that he was sterile, she realized Ryan had to be the father.

Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Real Life

Recognition For Liliana Turner

Liliana took up the character of Lily from Aine Garvey in September 2020, with her first scenes airing on September 21st. Turner’s character became the focus of a teen pregnancy narrative in January 2023, when it was revealed that 12-year-old Lily was pregnant. Her performance as Lily earned her the prize for Best Young Performer at the 2023 British Soap Awards. She was also nominated in the same category for the Inside Soap Awards and was a finalist for the Serial Drama Performance award at the 28th National Television Awards.


Overall, EastEnders was known for its realistic portrayal of working-class life, its diverse cast, and its willingness to address important social issues within the context of a soap opera. We hope to see more of Liliana Turner in the upcoming episodes since she has portrayed the character of Lily so well.