A Closer Look At Death In Paradise Season 13 Episode 2 And Its All-Star Cast

death in paradise season 13 episode 2 cast

“Death in Paradise” is a British-French crime drama series set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. The show follows detective inspectors as they solve murders in a picturesque tropical setting. Known for its light-hearted tone, quirky characters, and intricate whodunits, the series combines crime-solving with a touch of humor. With its stunning backdrop, engaging mysteries, and charismatic cast, “Death in Paradise” has become a beloved staple in the detective genre, offering a unique and entertaining take on murder investigations.

Hayley Mills As Nancy Martin

Hayley Mills portrayed Nancy Martin in “Death in Paradise” with charm and wit. Her character, a vivacious and independent woman, added a delightful dynamic to the show’s ensemble. Born on April 18, 1946, is a British actress best known for her iconic roles in Disney films during the 1960s.

Hayley Mills As Nancy Martin

Mills gained widespread acclaim for her performances in classics like “Pollyanna” (1960) and “The Parent Trap” (1961), where she played identical twins. Her talent earned her a special Academy Award for her outstanding juvenile performance. Mills continued her successful acting career, transitioning to stage and television, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of entertainment.v

Juliet Cowan As Eloise Mirie

Juliet Cowan is a British actress, born on May 21, 1974. She has an extensive career in television, film, and theater. Cowan is best known for her role as Madge in the popular British sitcom “EastEnders.” Her versatile performances have also been featured in acclaimed shows like “Cuckoo” and “Skins.” With a compelling stage presence, Cowan has demonstrated her talent in various genres, earning recognition for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Kevin Harvey As Phillipe Verane

Kevin Harvey As Phillipe Verane

Ralf Little As DI Neville Parker

Ralf Little, portraying DI Neville Parker in “Death in Paradise,” brings a refreshing energy to the long-running detective series. His character, introduced in the ninth season, adds a unique dynamic with his quirky and socially awkward personality.

Despite his initial discomfort in the tropical setting, Parker’s brilliant investigative skills shine through. Little’s performance injects humor and charm into the show, making DI Neville Parker a memorable and beloved addition to the “Death in Paradise” cast.

Don Warrington As Commissioner Selwyn Patterson

Don Warrington is a distinguished British actor best known for his role as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson in the popular TV series “Death in Paradise.” With his commanding presence and authoritative demeanor, Warrington brings depth and charisma to the character.

His portrayal of Commissioner Patterson, the head of the fictional Caribbean police force, adds a touch of gravitas to the show. Warrington’s performances contribute significantly to the success and appeal of “Death in Paradise,” earning him praise from both critics and viewers alike.

Shantol Jackson As DS Naomi Thomas

Shantol Jackson shines in her role as DS Naomi Thomas in “Death in Paradise.” Her portrayal of the determined and sharp-witted detective adds a fresh dynamic to the beloved crime drama series. Jackson’s charisma and on-screen presence bring depth to the character, making DS Naomi Thomas a standout in the show.

Shantol Jackson As DS Naomi Thomas

With a perfect blend of intelligence and relatability, Jackson captivates audiences, contributing to the show’s continued success and leaving a lasting impression on fans worldwide.

Tahj Miles As Officer Marlon Pryce

Tahj Miles brought Officer Marlon Pryce to life in “Death in Paradise” with his charismatic and engaging performance. As the newest member of the Saint Marie police force, Miles infused Pryce with a refreshing blend of youthful energy and determination.

His character, a tech-savvy officer with a keen eye for detail, adds a modern twist to the beloved detective series. Miles’ portrayal of Officer Pryce contributes to the show’s continued success, captivating audiences with his dynamic and relatable on-screen presence.

Ginny Holder As Trainee Officer Darlene Curtis

Ginny Holder portrayed Trainee Officer Darlene Curtis in the TV series “Death in Paradise.” Her character, Darlene, brought a fresh perspective to the team, combining determination with a warm demeanor. Holder’s portrayal showcased her versatility as an actress, seamlessly blending into the Caribbean detective drama. With a captivating presence and strong performance, Holder added depth to the ensemble cast, contributing to the show’s success and engaging storyline.

Ginny Holder As Trainee Officer Darlene Curtis

Élizabeth Bourgine As Catherine Bordey

Élizabeth Bourgine portrays the vibrant and resourceful character Catherine Bordey in the TV series “Death in Paradise.” As the owner of the local bar and a close friend to the detectives, Catherine adds warmth and local flavor to the show’s tropical setting on the fictional island of Saint Marie. With her infectious energy, Bourgine brings Catherine to life, creating a memorable and beloved character who contributes to the unique charm of “Death in Paradise.”

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