Cast of ‘World on Fire’ Season 2: A Closer Look at The Characters

After debuting on television four years ago, the international military drama World on Fire is back for a second season. Following a group of people as they travel from England to Germany to France during World War II, the epic narrative centers on their entwined lives.

The second season transports viewers to the North African desert, expanding the show’s reach beyond Europe. Thankfully, an incredible ensemble has been formed to tell the story in season 2, featuring a number of well-known actors returning, such as Jonah Hauer-King, Lesley Manville, Blake Harrison, and others, in addition to a large number of newcomers.

However, a few characters won’t be coming back; after passing away off-screen, Sean Bean’s Douglas and Arthur Darvill’s Vernon won’t be appearing in the second season. Helen Hunt, who played Nancy in the first season of the show, will also not be returning for the second. But who else is coming back, who’s joining, and who do they all play?

Who’s in The Cast of World on Fire Season 2?

The main cast and characters of World on Fire season two are listed below. For additional information about the actors and where you may have seen them previously continue reading below.

Lesley Manville plays Robina Chase

cast of world on fire season 2

Robina Chase is who? Harry’s mother, Robina, has a chilly relationship with both her son and his spouse, Kasia. Lesley Manville is where I last saw her. Manville is a five-time BAFTA nominee who initially rose to fame as a star of Emmerdale, back when it was known as Emmerdale Farm.

Maleficent, Mr. Turner, Phantom Thread, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Mum, Harlots, Save Me Too, Magpie Murders, Sherwood, Citadel, and The Crown are just a few of the movies and TV series in which she has acted.

Blake Harrison Plays Stan Redding

cast of world on fire season 2

Stan Raddings is who? Harry’s close friend Stan is a sergeant in the British army.

Blake Harrison, where have you seen him? Harrison has starred in several films including A Very English Scandal, Trust Me, Dad’s Army, Death in Paradise, Kate & Koji, The Great, Doctor Who, and I Hate Suzie Too, but his most well-known part is still Neil from The Inbetweeners.

Zofia Wichłacz Plays Tomaszeski, Kasia

cast of world on fire season 2

Kasia Tomaszeski is who? Kasia, the Polish wife of Harry, has been reunited with her brother Jan and is currently residing with him in England.

Where was Zofia Wichlacz last seen? Wichlacz is well-known for her performances in Polish television shows and films. Some of her prior work includes the mystery thriller Rojst, Netflix’s The Romanoffs, and Warsaw ’44.

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Jonah Hauer-King Plays Harry Chase

cast of world on fire season 2

Harry Chase, who is he? Harry is a young soldier and ex-translator who is married to Kasia and has a son with Lois. He travels to fight in North Africa in season two.

Jonah Hauer-King, where have you seen him? Hauer-King has starred in shows like The Flatshare, Little Women, and Howard’s End, but he is most renowned for his current performance as Prince Eric in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

Parker Sawyers Plays Albert Fallou

cast of world on fire season 2

Albert Fallou: who is he? French jazz saxophonist Albert was interned in a camp outside of Paris at the beginning of the season.

Parker Sawyers, where have you seen him? Sawyers has starred in a number of TV shows and motion pictures, including Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, P-Valley, The Nan Movie, A Discovery of Witches, and Succession. He is most renowned for his role as Barack Obama in the movie Southside with You.

Julia Brown Plays Lois Bennett

cast of world on fire season 2

Lois Bennett is who? Harry’s child, whose father Douglas was recently murdered, and whose fiancé died in the Battle of Britain, are raised by Lois. She now works for the Manchester ambulance service with her companion Connie…

Julia Brown, where have you seen her? Brown has acted in television shows such as Shetland, Foundation, and The Last Kingdom.

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Eugenie Derouand as Henriette Guilbert

Henriette Guilbert: who is she? Because she is Jewish, Henriette, who works at the American Hospital in Paris, has falsified her documentation. She is still working at the hospital at the start of season two, assisting POWs in getting away.

Where was Eugenie Derouand last seen? Derouand is well-known for her parts in French television movies such as The Advent Calendar and Paris Police 1905.

Mark Bonnar as Sir James Danemere

cast of world on fire season 2

Sir James Danemere is who? Arriving at the Chase family home is Sir James, an MI5 agent who may be developing feelings for Robina.

Mark Bonnar, where have you seen him? In addition to his recent roles in the ITVX series Litvinenko and the Prime Video series The Rig, Bonnar is well-known for his work in the television shows Casualty, Line of Duty, Shetland, Catastrophe, Humans, Apple Tree Yard, Porridge, and Doctor Who.

Gregg Sulkin as David

cast of world on fire season 2

David is a who? David is a fearless yet rash Jewish fighter pilot.

Gregg Sulkin, where have I seen him? Sulkin has had appearances in Wizards of Waverley Place, Pretty Little Liars, and Pretty Smart, but his most well-known part is from the Marvel television series Runaways.

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Ahad Raza Mir as Rajib

cast of world on fire season 2

Rajib is a who? Rajib, an Indian officer serving in the British Army, possesses courage, determination, and a strict work ethic.

Ahad Raza Mir, where have you seen him? In addition to his recent appearance in Resident Evil on Netflix, Mir is most recognized for his roles in Pakistani television shows and movies.

Miriam Schiweck as Marga

cast of world on fire season 2

Marga is a who? Marga is a committed member of the Band of German Maidens and a teenage girl from Germany.

Where is Miriam Schiweck that I’ve seen? Schiweck starred in the movies Servus Papa – See You in Hell and Fellwechselzeit, as well as the German television series Der Staatsanwalt.

Cel Spellman plays Joe Broughton

cast of world on fire season 2

Joe Broughton: who is he? Joe is a friend of Harry and Stan as well as a soldier.

Where was Cel Spellman last seen? Spellman has acted in four films: Better, Cucumber, White Lines, Waterloo Road, and probably most famously, he played Matthew Williams on ITV’s Cold Feet.

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Yrsa Daley-Ward as Connie Knight

cast of world on fire season 2

Connie Knight is who? Lois’s pal Connie is a fellow Manchester ambulance service employee.

Where was Yrsa Daley-Ward last seen? Actor and writer Daley-Ward has acted in movies such as A Moving Image, White Color Black, and The Perfect Find.

Eryk Biedunkiewicz as Jan Tomaszeski

cast of world on fire season 2

Jan Tomaszeski: Who is he? Jan, the brother of Kasia, has been residing with Robina for a while.

Where was Eryk Biedunkiewicz last seen? Biedunkiewicz’s only on-screen credit to date is World on Fire.

Ewan Mitchell plays Tom Bennett

cast of world on fire season 2

Tom Bennett is who? Tom is Lois’s troublemaking brother.

Where was Ewan Mitchell last seen? Though he has also acted in Trigger Point, Grantchester, and The Halcyon, Mitchell is most renowned for his appearances in The Last Kingdom and House of the Dragon.

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Mateusz Wieclawek as Grzegorz

cast of world on fire season 2

Identify Grzegorz. Jan, Kasia, and Grzegorz’s brother.

Mateusz Wieclawek, where have you seen him? The Polish television shows and movies for which Wieclawek is most well-known are Konwój and The Trap.


“World on Fire” returns for its second season with a stellar ensemble cast. Notable actors like Lesley Manville, Blake Harrison, Zofia Wichłacz, and Jonah Hauer-King reprise their roles, while fresh faces including Parker Sawyers and Gregg Sulkin join the WWII drama. The season explores North Africa, expanding beyond Europe, and introduces intriguing characters like Sir James Danemere and David. The captivating storyline continues, weaving the lives of its characters through the tumultuous wartime backdrop.