What to Expect in As the Crow Flies Season 3: Unraveling Asli’s Dark Ambitions and Corporate Intrigues

What to Expect in As the Crow Flies Season 3?

The Turkish TV series As The Crow Flies was created by Deniz Yorulmazer and Meric Acemui with guidance from Ay Yapim. The show focuses on Asli Tuna and her journey of coping and adapting after a traumatic event involving her hero.

The highly anticipated Turkish thriller TV show As the Crow Flies is currently in its second season, and it will be available for streaming on Netflix. Asli Tuna, a young intern from Generation Z, is the main character in the series.

Asli is determined to climb the corporate ladder and succeed in her new role. However, she soon discovers that the society she’s a part of has a darker side that poses a threat to both her values and her sense of self.

The first season of the show started airing on June 3, 2022, and the second season of As the Crow Flies is scheduled to premiere on December 14, 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting the third season of  As the Crow Flies, and we understand your excitement. Here are all the details about the upcoming season.

What Is the Expected Plot of As the Crow Flies Season 3?

What to Expect in As the Crow Flies Season 3?

The story revolves around the idea that the younger generation, armed with quick knowledge, is dominating Gen X. Some viewers, however, see it more as a stalking tale. Danner shows Asli as both infatuated with Lale and wanting to replace her. Asli’s actions, though, go beyond normal ambition and veer into psychopathic behavior.

Asli creates fake social media profiles to post negative comments on Lale’s Instagram pictures, leading to a backlash against her. She not only outsmarts the older members of the network but also her fellow interns. Asli cunningly infiltrates Lale’s close circle and seems likely to continue doing so. Her lies seem to be putting Lale and others in physical danger.

The intense hostage situation Asli faces wouldn’t have been necessary if the generational conflict was not present. This event takes center stage in the first episode and feels more suitable for a soap opera than the intended storyline. Moreover, the intrusive narrative, with constant references to a bird deceiving a lion, pushes viewers away instead of drawing them in.

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Who Will Be in The Cast of Season 3 of As the Crow Flies?

In Season 3 of As The Crow Flies, the main characters, Brice Akalay as Lale and Miray Daner as Asli, are set to continue their roles if the show returns. Alongside them, we expect the following actors to return for the new season:

Ibrahim Celikkol will be back as Kenan.
Irem Sak will once again play the character Muge.
Burak Yamanturk is anticipated to reprise his role as Selim.

Did People Like The Crow Flies?

as the crow flies season 3 release date

In “As The Crow Flies,” there are parts that might make you wonder if certain plot twists make sense. One example is how easily Asli gets a job without anyone checking her background. In real life, good organizations, especially those run by important editors, wouldn’t hire someone without looking into their background first. This choice in the show might seem a bit unreal and make us question if the story is believable.

Perhaps the creators made this choice to make the story move faster and pay more attention to the main ideas of obsession and manipulation. It’s not clear why they keep bringing up this aspect when the audience already knows the basic issue. It could be to make things more intense or show the psychological conflict between the main characters. However, saying the same thing over and over can be annoying and take away from the fun of watching.

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Where Can You Watch As the Crow Flies Season 3?

The third season of As The Crow Flies will be available for streaming on Netflix


As the Crow Flies Season 3, a Turkish thriller series continues Asli Tuna’s story as she navigates corporate challenges and darker societal elements. Asli’s ambition takes a dangerous turn with psychopathic behavior, creating tension and a hostage situation. Season 3 features returning cast members Brice Akalay, Miray Daner, Ibrahim Celikkol, Irem Sak, and Burak Yamanturk. Despite plot inconsistencies, the show maintains a focus on obsession and manipulation. Season 3 will be streamed on Netflix, extending the suspense and intrigue for fans eagerly anticipating the series’ return.