Are You the One Season 9 Cast: Where Are They Now? A Look at Their Lives Today!

The most recent season of the well-liked reality dating series is titled “A Global Matchmaking Competition.” The sitcom is currently filming its ninth season in the stunning setting of Gran Canaria, Spain. The first episode of the season aired on January 18, 2023, and it is now streamable on Paramount+.

The production team has undergone new adjustments as ITV Netherlands has replaced Lighthearted Entertainment. Viewers may anticipate a new spin on the program with new angles and a renewed emphasis on international matchmaking as a result.

The addition of Kamie Crawford as the new host replaces Terrence J, another significant development. Kamie is a well-known television personality and model, and fans have been eagerly awaiting her appearance on the show. Kamie injects new life into the show with her charm and wit, and she promises to keep viewers interested all season long.

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

The current season of “Are You the One? A group of individuals compete in “A Global Matchmaking Competition” as they make their way through various tasks and assessments meant to help them discover the right partner.

Serial No Contestants Name
1 Aqel Carson
2 Brendan Mosca
3 Clayton “Clay” Carey
4 Eduardo Dickson Jr.
5 Hamudi Hasoon
6 Leo Svete
7 Michael “Mikey” Owusu
8 Nathan Grant
9 Oliver “Ollie” Andersen
10 Shamal “Samuel” Khan
11 William “Will” Gagnon
12 Anissa Aguilar
13 Brooke Rachman
14 Ciara “CC” Cortez
15 Courtney Rowe
16 Danielle Bonaparte
17 Dew Pineda
18 Jordanne Deveaux
19 Julia-Ruth Smith
20 Mijntje Lupgens
21 Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe
22 Taylor Kelly

Are You the One Season 9: Where Are They Now?

1. Brendan Mosca and Julia-Ruth Smith

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

The first ideal couple of the season was Julia-Ruth and Brendan. While they haven’t provided any updates on the status of their relationship, they have both shared images and stories about their time in the honeymoon suite. Julia-Ruth recently relocated to London and is settling into her new home there. She has made comments about the happenings of the episode on Twitter, where she is active.

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2. Oliver “Ollie” Andersen and Brooke Rachman

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Despite not sharing any updates on their relationship, Brooke and Ollie appear to be doing well. Ollie is the company’s founder and a seasoned professional. He has authored a number of articles about his fellow cast members in an effort to diffuse negative online controversies. He has kept in touch with many of his cast mates, some of whom have even mentioned his business in a recent Instagram post.

3. Shamal “Samuel” Khan and Mijntje Lupgens

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Despite their unconventional pairing, Mijntje and Samuel have a large following. Despite appearing to get along well, they haven’t developed a romantic connection since the show. Samuel is employed by CD Recruitment as a sales development agent and aspires to be a physician. Additionally, he collaborates with Spotted Talent Management.

4. Clayton “Clay” Carey and Taylor Kelly

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

There are no recent details about Taylor and Clay’s relationship. Some of their cast mates have taken offense to them, particularly after footage of Taylor’s confrontation with Ciara “CC” Cortez was made public. Taylor, who resides in Sarasota, Florida, works as a realtor for Preferred Shore. Clay is a fitness instructor and competitor who took first place in the Bay Games and MastersHQ competitions in 2020.

5. Aqel Carson and Anissa Aguilar

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Most of the viewers were hoping that Anissa and Aqel would end up together. Although they haven’t explicitly stated whether they are still dating, their connection on the show suggests that they are. The 2112 Project is owned by Anissa, who has shared information about the program with her Instagram followers. She stated that “Heal and Reveal” would be published in March 2023.

6. Leo Svete and Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Viewers paid close attention to Roz and Leo’s progress on the show. Although they haven’t confirmed their relationship, it is assumed that they are still dating. One of the four persons behind the Get The Gist Podcast, Roz works for Pfizer as Right First Time Support.

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7. Michael “Mikey” Owusu and Jordanne Deveaux

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Although Jordanne and Mikey have not revealed any details about their love lives, it is likely that they ultimately decided against dating. On-screen friendships between Mikey and Ciara “CC” Cortez developed, while Jordanne connected with Eduardo Dickson Jr. They do seem to get along, though, since they follow one another on Instagram.

8. Courtney Rowe and Eduardo Dickson Jr.

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

It is unknown if Courtney Rowe and Eduardo Dickson Jr. are still dating after starting a new relationship on the show. According to Eduardo’s social media activities, he could still be dating Jordanne Deveaux. Eduardo has spoken his feelings about some of the other actors in the show and even challenged a few of the male contestants to a fight of boxing.

9. William “Will” Gagnon and Dew Pineda

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

William “Will” Gagnon and Dew Pineda have not provided any relationship status updates. Dew, however, has voiced her displeasure with her on-screen partner, Will. Even Dew used social media to share her opinions about Will and his actions on the show.

10. Danielle Bonaparte and Hamudi Hasoon

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Many people were startled by Danielle Bonaparte and Hamudi Hasoon’s relationship, but they haven’t made any official declarations about it. Despite this, they get along well. Hamudi models for JAM Talent and Modelling Agency, while Danielle, a former NBA dancer, resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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11. Ciara “CC” Cortez and Nathan Grant

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

Although they briefly conversed on the show, it’s unknown if Ciara “CC” Cortez and Nathan Grant are still together. Given their little time together and CC’s close bond with Mikey, it’s probable that they decided against continuing their relationship.